Monday, 1 September 2014


Happy New week and New month lovelies! 
I am an Autumn lover and so happy it is September,  autumn is not in full swing yet but still excited. Will miss the blackberries and summer fruits but looking forward to hearty and warm autumn meals like my favourite lentil soup with minced beef and warm pitta bread!! OK food talk over.

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Hope you had a wonderful summer!

Love Nemi xx


Hello everyone hope you have enjoyed the holiday diaries series, I know my mom did ha! I will be rounding up the holiday diaries with our visit to Domme (a beautiful town on the Dordogne River set 250meters above sea level) on their market day and a wonderful dinner we had later that evening.


Domme market day, those guys gave me some free Tapenade to take home ;) #yum
Like these bracelets 
The view from the Domme Village square


L'Hostellerie de BĂ©quinolles

Booked a table in the restaurant for a family dinner and this is officially my best restaurant experience. The food was incredible, the LAMB was insane slow cooked for 7 hours, melts in your

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hello people, hope your week is going well and you have enjoyed  part 1 and 2 of the holiday series. I use this blog to keep my family updated on my life and activities so I like to include as many photos as possible for their benefit, so pardon my photo overload. If you enjoy photos then grab a cuppa, this is a good one!
We went to Rocamadour  historical and beautiful village by the Dordogne River that attracts many pilgrims and tourist. On the steps going down thevillage, there were different stations of the cross. This was my favourite.
Station of the Cross

 I was a very hot day 27c and we had a to walk down around 1000 steps to the bottom of the rock where we grabbed lunch, ice- cream and did some sight seeing.

We stopped midway to enjoy the view
The Dordogne Valley

Lovely handmade soaps
Lunch selfie, no foodie pictures!
Beautiful little shops in the village
Monkey Forest
After visiting the village we went to 'La Foret des Singes' a monkey forest with free roaming gorgeous monkeys. I believe they have about 130 different Monkeys and different species. When you arrive, you get informed about the safety procedures and get given handful of

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Hello lovelies, hope you are having a good week and you enjoyed Part 1 of my holiday diaries.

*Day 3* we planned  to have a picnic by the Dordogne River in Vitrac but the day started out cloudy and rainy so we went to Cafe 'Le Chalet' by the river instead. We ended up having a proper meal after seeing the food #longathroat. I went for a seafood salad and it was huge and delicious, it had salmon, crab, prawns, eggs, mussels and most importantly the dressing came on the side. The guys ordered the Steak frites while and the parentals had the gizzard salad.
Seafood Salad
Cool presentation right??
Steak Chips and non existent salad just how they like it ;)!
Duck breast, goose gizzard, walnuts, and croutons on a bed of lettuce #nomnom

After lunch, we hung out by the river, the kids went for a swim while the adults worked on their tan. As for me, I took advantage of the beautiful location and had a mini shoot for my Kimono tutorial.(coming soon).

River Beach on the Dordogne

 Dordogne River beach Vitrac  #No filter


By evening the clouds were gone and it was bright and beautiful. I love to find an excuse to hit my 10000 steps a day on my fitbit and going berry picking was the perfect activity when in the country side. So I went with my niece K and we had some precious moments talking about

Monday, 18 August 2014


So its DAY1 in France with the family *Big Brother voice*, had a pretty smooth  flight from London Stansted however an error I made at the airport resulted in an "uncomfortable" day. I am lactose intolerant but every now I then I let myself have a little bit of dairy. An hour before the flight was the worst time to use a flat white for a caffeine fix...

When we arrived at the house, my nieces ran down the drive waving excitedly in their cute maxi dresses and when I got out the car one of them she ran up to me and yelled "NEMI YOU ARE SO SKINNY"!  That was the best thing anyone could say as the flat white made me so bloated and I felt like a whale.

My wonderful mother-in-law had a yummy basket of goodies waiting for us in our room #amazing

It was dinner time shortly after we arrived and we had a tasty barbecue,  though I could not eat much due to the flat white incident #gutted.

DAY 2- Feeling so much better and rested, but it was raining outside so decided to do some exercise and K(niece) suggested some aerobics - splendid! We started with a Blogilates 'Call me maybe squat challenge' (Total killer btw).

Then a Denise Austen full body aerobics session after which K left so I did some resistance training and crazy dancing to Beyonce and Shakira(best way to get your cardio IMO).

For lunch we walked to the nearest village 20minutes away; the local bar/restaurant Escapades had been bought by a French lady and her Australian husband. There were some new exciting things

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hello everyone hope you have had a great start to your week. I have got a cool trick for you today, this week on a familyfun day out we went to Rocamadour and took a  panoramic photo with an iPhone. We had to run around the photographer mid pan to appear in both sides if the photo. Someone did not get to the other side quick enough and this caused a funny error. 

 Calling all smart people! Can you spot the error?

Love Nems x