Friday, 26 September 2014


Hi guys hope you have had a wonderful week. My week has been pretty good, did some guest blogging for check out the article and generally had a productive week with high energy levels without caffeine (try to break my caffeine addiction) yay!

Anyways folks I have a wonderful Friday treat for you, Fola is an age defying beauty of a blogger(, she is a wonderful friend and after a lot of bribery(kidding) she agreed to share some of her best anti ageing tips us with us
But first can you guess her age? Answer at the end of the article
Yes, these celebrities can afford high-end laser treatments and facials that make them look so young and vibrant. However, when we look closely at their lives, these women also adopt lifestyle practices and commit to it. We may not be able to afford caviar facials and laser rejuvenation treatments, but we can achieve the same results by simply making some changes, paying attention to neglected areas, and being consistent! And if you are reading this and are between 20 and 40, lucky you, because when you start off early, you get even better results!
So here are my 6 anti-aging tricks for 20 and 30 –somethings. I came up with an acronym for these points: “Triple-E SPF”. Sounds like a sunscreen brand right? Well that’s just as well because then you would find it easier to remember each tip! 

1. Eat right and exercise

There’s no way round this, sadly. It is so cliché and all that, but really, we will age faster if we do not eat right and exercise. What you need to do is to make it fun for you. Don’t see it as a chore. Do research on tasty recipes that are healthy, follow blogs that showcase these recipes. Get active, download zumba videos or go for zumba or pilates classes. Diversify your work out routines as much as possible. Just get active! It is the most obviously effective and most demanding beauty secret, as it takes consistency and commitment, but you really see results!

2. Eye cream

The most obvious part of the face that shows signs of aging are the eyes. Even if you have great skin, if your eyes look baggy, lined or tired, you will look older. The notion that eye cream should only be used by those in their 40s is not true. Yes, some ladies are luckier than others. However it’s best to not take chances. I made the mistake of not using eye cream years earlier, and my eyes sort of look like there’s loose skin around the lower eye area. I have started using a firming eye cream, but I realize I should have started using this a few years ago. Ladies should begin using eye creams from age 25. Eye creams are pricey, but they are worth the investment.

3. Exfoliation

 The secret to glowing, smooth skin? Exfoliation. For younger women, you can begin adopting a weekly regime for exfoliation. Exfoliation is what gets rid of dead skin cells so that new ones can come to the surface. As we age, the rate at which the dead skin cells fall off slows down. There are 2 kinds of exfoliation: Mechanical and chemical. Facial scrubs with granules that slough off dead skin cells fall under the mechanical category. It is usually better to go for those that have tiny granules, because bigger granules tend to be quite harsh. Chemical exfoliation involves soaps or creams or peels that have things like glycolic acid, lactic acid and retinol. Exfoliation needs to be done, though not too often. Weekly exfoliation, or 3 times a week is sufficient.

4. Sunscreen

I am so sure you have read about this many times-how sun damage is a major cause of premature skin aging. Well, the earlier we start using sunscreen the better. SPF 30 is the minimum for outdoors. For those who live in the tropics, it isn’t fun wearing sunscreen because of the melting heat. It is best to avoid the sun as much as possible, and have a tube of sunscreen, sunglasses, and a scarf in your bag always. Also go for makeup powder or foundation that has got some SPF in it.

5. Power foods

Power foods are what I call the “cheat foods” as they are packed full of great stuff! Green tea, blueberries, lemons, avocadoes, leafy green veggies and garden eggs are good examples of power foods. They are very rich in antioxidants that help to slow down the aging process. You would do yourself a lot of good if you eat a lot of these power foods. I recently was gifted a green tea with lemon tea blend and I love that combination. Yes, green tea is an acquired taste, but it is worth it. You could also add some natural honey to your cuppa if you like!

6. Facial massage

 This one was a recent discovery I made, but I think it is worth giving a try. Facial massages are quick and allegedly effective when done properly. It basically gets the lymphatic drainage flowing properly, and also tightens up loose muscles so you look younger over time. Click here ( to see how it is done.

Hey guys hope you found these tips helpful. Do you have any age defying secrets you or your mother/grandmother swear by, well sharing is caring so please leave a comment below and let Fola and  I know.
So Fola's age what did you guess? Well her real age is the ages she looks plus 10!! Yes 10 she really is age defying.

Anyways folk have a lovely weekend and come back next week for catch up Mondays!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

EXTREME MAKEOVER FOOD EDITION- Nigerian Rice and Stew made healthy

Fola's oasis: Weight loss-friendly Nigerian recipe-plus free eas...:
Hi guys! I am so excited about this post because I am guest blogging for the beautiful Fola on Please check out the article and show a sister some love :).

Monday, 22 September 2014


Hello everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend. After a pretty hectic and tiring week, the word that perfectly describes my weekend was restful. I have decided make this a photoblog(less jibber jabber more pics) Enjoy!

Date Night

All date nights must start with a selfie right???!?

Shirt - H&M
 Skirt - Zara,
Boots- M&S

We went to Atomic burger as we had a hankering for their chicken wings, we had been trying to eat really clean for about 10 days so this was a well deserved indulgent meal. We ordered 24 chicken wings, 2 sweet potato chips , 1 plate of sharing nachos with pulled pork and coke! The wings were delicious, we did not get through the nachos(probably wouldn't order next time). The sweet potato chips were pretty good too but didn't get through mine as I was stuffed.

Fallout Wings- extra spicy, extra yum!

Sweet potato chips where great, Matt cleared his and half of mine :)

Dehydrator crazy

I  recently discovered kale chips and I am super hooked, don't let the name fool they taste so amazing. These cashew butter and spice coated leaves taste more like chips than veg; They are a great low carb no guilt snack but at £2 for 20g they are super steep! After spending over ££ on Kale and Apple chips in the last couple of weeks I decided to make my own. I started by buying a dehydrator with no regrets,  got some free apples from my brother-in-law sliced them, dehydrated them overnight and tossed in cinnamon and voila! Crunchy yummy tasties!

Gave some away- they make really cute pressies

Kale Chips dehydrating
Final result, with a cashew and pepper coating #nomnom

Sunday walk

In England, going for a walk post Sunday lunch is almost tradition and while I love walking Matt does not but today he came out  for a short walk down the road. Oxford is seriously so beautiful!

Super cute ducks they shake their butts when you feed them cashews(see vid)


Have a great week guys :) x

Friday, 19 September 2014


This low carb, high protein meal is the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner. It is yummy, filling, low fat and chock full of nutrients. Egg whites digest quickly leaving your body to use up stored fat for fuel while you sleep Cool huh!!? It is also super easy to make for those evenings when you are too tired to cook. This can be ready in less than 10mins!

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

1 -2eggs
4 egg whites
1/4 Onion
1/4 Large Red or yellow pepper 
Any vegetables of choice, I am using courgette 

Preheat the oven to 200ºC/425ºF/gas 7.

Step 1 - Chop onions, green chillies, courgettes, tomatoes and peppers. Set the sliced tomatoes aside

Step 2 -  Place a small non-stick oven proof frying pan (roughly 20cm) on a medium - high heat an add a teaspoon of olive oil (I used 3-4 sprays) then sauté the onions, green chillies, courgettes and peppers. Add a pinch of salt, 1/4 of stock cube, a pinch of herbs de provence (oregano, rosemary & thyme) 

Step 3 - Crack 1 whole and 4 egg whites eggs into a bowl, whisk and add the sautéed veggies

Step 4 - Pour mixture in a hot pan for 2 minutes pulling-in the sides to the middle

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


1. Denim Shirt

This is my favourite item this season because of its sheer versatility. Anyone whatever your style or age can wear them, they can easily be layered and great for transitioning weather. Most importantly they never go out of style.  I am loving this figure fit  H&M stretch Denim Shirt @ £19.99 a pop available in a light and darker wash.

Nemi's Tip

  • Go for a shirt with a little bit of stretch as this helps it fit better.
  • All washes don't work for everyone- Find a wash that suits your skintone and hair 
  • Don't buy till you find the perfect fit (you will :)).

2. Tote Bag

Every woman needs a tote bag, perfect for work, shopping, diapers and the even gym; the Tote is officially the most practical bag ever. They are  available in different material and styles, they are big enough to fit all your junk stuff, perfect as a hand luggage, durable, reusable and most importantly stylish.
 Upgrade your wardrobe this season with a simple tote bag. I am currently loving this simple bag from Zara. I like the clean lines, leather, lots of pockets and elegant look. It is available in black and brandy, and retails at £39.99.

Nemi's Tip
  • When buying a tote bag consider its purpose and chose a suitable size for your needs
  • If you plan to use it as a handbag or work bag go for leather and if you would most likely use it for shopping then a canvas bag might be better.

3.'You' Scarf

This is one of those simple wardrobe refreshers. I believe accessories are the perfect way to show your personality elegantly. A 'you' scarf is the scarf that expresses your personality perfectly, something that  will make your friends will say 'this is so you'. It could be plain, patterned, floral, bright coloured or pastel(yes pastels can work in Autumn). The important thing is that you love it and it is durable as you will most likely wear the life out of it this season and maybe the next. 
I like the collection of Autumn and winter Scarfs from Zara this season, I am loving this Soft scarf, so simple, looks warm and cosy at £25.99 a pop.
Nemi's Tip

  • Skip the discount (3 for £10) bin and go for a high quality scarf something around £20-£40, a nice scarf can easily upgrade an outfit and is long lasting.
  • Go for a heavy weight and a wide width scarf that can double as a pashmina and cover-up. Ted Baker has a range of 'Kimono like' cover ups for winter, I will do a DIY on how to make one, no sewing and in no time. Leave a comment if you would like me to.

4. Double Breasted Trench Coat

Do you know? The first trench coat was designed in 1912 and adapted in 1914 for officers to be worn in the trenches. Well that explains the name and the numerous pockets(for guns and grenades) the typical trench coat has. It has been 100years and the trench is still stylish and a wardrobe staple. Perfect for the unpredictable weather of the season, you could wear rags or nothing (I don't approve ;)) and still look fabulous with a great trench. While a typical Burberry trench retails for £995-£6000 you can get one for as little as £100. I recommend this Zara Double breasted trench coat, I have had mine for a couple of years and stills looks as good as new.

Nemi's Tip-

  • Go for quality and as you want something long lasting.
  • Dry clean instead of washing
  • Change the buttons every year to freshen them up.

5. Ankle Boots

This is another Autumn must-have I love love love! Again anyone can wear them and they are easy to style. You can pair them with skirts, shorts, legging and dresses, they are great for transitioning weather and can be dressed up or down. Ankle boots all they way!!
Marks and Spencer have an amazing shoe/boots collection this season, with half sizes and wider width. I am loving this  Suede Side Bow Ankle Boots an absolute bargain at £55. It has underfoot padding and nice comfy soles,  I walked over 3miles in these boots last Friday night, no blisters and no pain the next day! Winner!

Nemi's Tip-

  • Go for fit and comfort over style
  • I have found low to mid heel ankle boots look best
  • When looking to buy, find out if the shop reheels (Reheeling can extend the life of you shoes and save you money)

6. A Fresh pair of black Jeans

Most people already own a pair of black jeans but what they don't know is that most jeans have a shelf life (say what?). Black jeans especially begin to lose their fit and colour after 6 months to a year, blue jeans are different because they come in different washes. If you are one of those gorgeous ladies that love a nice pair of black jeans with loafers, flats or pumps then you would need to replace them every now and then. You would be surprised how something as simple as a new pair of jean can update your wardrobe  this season. Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself; also you don't need to buy a super expensive pair; a good fitting H&M pair for around £20 looks and feels great.
I am currently loving this Henlow Skinny Jean from Jack Wills. It sits low on the rise, slims through the hips and thigh and tapers at the ankle to a super skinny fit that feels really comfortable thanks to the denim’s slight stretch. This is perfect for dressing up or down with your favourite tees.

Nemi's Tip- 
  • Wash jeans inside out and  in cold wash to avoid fading
  • Never dry with a dryer it ruins the shape and fades jeans
  • Hang on a line to dry inside out

This my cheat sheet to a fabulous and stylish Autumn wardrobe, hope it inspires your next shopping trip.

Monday, 15 September 2014

VEGAN RECIPE CONTEST AND GIVEAWAY!!! Non vegans are welcome too :)

Calling all creative foodies!

This month, The Vegan Nigerian and Anemistyle are teaming up to bring you our very first Vegan Recipe Contest. The rules are simple and fantastic prizes are up for grabs. We want to see the unusual and we want to see the innovative. The most creative interpretations will get the highest points. Whether you’re familiar with vegan cooking or not, we want to hear from you. Simply take the key ingredient – BEANS – and rustle us two dishes: one sweet and one savoury. Send us the pictures and recipes, along with your name and country. We’ll pick a winner on the 30th September and ship a bundle of goodies to your doorstep!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to flaunt your culinary skills! ;)

Key ingredient

BEANS! Brown, black-eyed, kidney beans…. Use your favourite, use what you have!

The rules
1.       1. Create a sweet and savoury dish with the key ingredient. Email the photos and recipes or
2.       2. Meals entered MUST be vegan (no meat, eggs or dairy)
3.       3.   Like Anemistyle and The Vegan Nigerian on Facebook


A selection of yummy vegan snacks
Your recipes featured on our websites
Exclusive access to 10 vegan ice cream recipes, as seen in Nice Cream: 25 Delicious, Dairy-free Recipes

Winner will be selected on: 30th September 2014

Get cooking!