Friday, 19 December 2014


Hi guys seasons greeting to you all! Hope you are enjoying this  season and you are done with your Christmas shopping :).

Today's post is a collaboration with blogger Fola from, remember her from the 
'Anti-aging tricks for the 20 and 30 somethings' if you have not seen it, it is worth checking out. The post did very well and many people found it helpful so I had to bring her back to share some of her favourite products of 2014.

Fola and I love sharing our beauty tips and secrets with each other and this collaboration came as a result of that.  

Fola and I have quite different skin types and concerns so between the two us there is bound to be a product that might work for you. I have a combination skin that gets very oily after I apply make up, I struggle to maintain regular skincare regime so I like easy to use, and straight forward products and I am not a product junky. Check out my favourite products on Fola's website "".

Fola is relatively fair-skinned, she tans easily and has acne-prone sensitive skin so finding the right products for her is quite tricky. She will be sharing the products that have helped her skin the most and she can swear by.

Here is Fola's favourite, tried and tested beauty products of 2014


Hi peeps!

Here are my top 5 beauty products or items for 2014. These are products that I  have tried and tested and can swear by.
I am not an extreme product junkie, but I do like to try out new things every now and then. I am relatively fair-skinned, I tan easily and I have acne-prone sensitive skin so finding the right products for me is quite tricky. I find that many products do not have to be expensive to be effective, and from my list you will see that only one of the products are expensive; the others are relatively cheap!

1. Maybelline Volume Express The Colossal Mascara

I never knew I would love this mascara so much when I bought it, but I really do, as it is very black, gives my lashes length and also volume with just one coat. It has a gel-like consistency so it is a bit difficult to take off. Other than that, I really like it and would recommend it any day and any time.

Price: About N1800 or £7.50
Where to buy: Most stores that sell make up sell this mascara.

2. Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

This one has been a staple in my bathroom since I discovered it in 2011. I love this facial wash because it is not harsh at all. It regulates the PH balance of the skin, and we need a balanced PH for healthy skin. It does not dry out the skin at all and if you have sensitive skin, this facial wash is for you!

Price: About £3
Where to buy: Ebeano Supermarket (sometimes) and most beauty supply stores abroad.
Check out a more detailed review here

3. Benefit Boiing Industrial Strength Concealer

This concealer is a very recent buy, but I have seen enough. It is just fantastic. It definitely is a breath of fresh air to find a very good concealer other than a Mac one! Yes, it is not cheap, but if you have under-eye circles and pesky blemishes you want to cover quickly, go for this concealer.

Price: £17
Where to buy: In Nigeria, I do not know of any store that stocks Benefit cosmetics unfortunately.
Check out a more detailed review here

4. Likas Papaya Soap

This is another hard to find one in Nigeria. Even online sellers have a minimum order quantity you are expected to buy. Some cosmetics shops sell it though but I usually buy from abroad. This soap has a whitening effect, although I use it mainly to exfoliate my skin and prevent a tan. For the most part, I love it as a body wash and it helps keep my skin smooth.

Price: N1500-N2000 depending on seller.
Where to buy: Few online stockists in Nigeria, Amazon, Ebay.

5. Sebamed Antibacterial Cleansing Foam

This facial wash does what it says-it keeps acne at bay. Because it has a tendency to darken the skin, I advise that you use it once a week or maybe every 4 days. It has a lasting effect I tell you, and it really works. You are meant to leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing off. Now I remember promising to do a review on this soap some months ago! Well stay tuned- it will come real soon; next post or the one after that.

Price: N2000

Where to buy: Healthplus stores

Anyways folks hope you enjoyed this post and have a great weekend.
Nemi xoxo

Saturday, 29 November 2014

PAN SEARED SALMON AND ZOODLES- FastEasy weight loss recipe

Hey guys, hope you had a great week and a yummy Thanksgiving, I have had a pretty good week and I am excited about sharing one of my favourite dinners with you. 

I have recently taken a huge liking to Courgettes/Zucchini to the point where I eat them everyday, I am even planning on growing them in my garden next year(can't wait). I love how versatile they are and how they can take on many shapes and flavours. 

I tried making some egg fried rice with them and they came out great and the courgette and carrot salad that was a total hit in the summer. I am still experimenting and looking forward to sharing some tasty creations with you.
Carrot and Courgette salad

Today's recipe is so simple you can do it in your sleep. It takes about 5-7minutes, looks impressive, tastes delicious, it is super healthy and low in carbs and calories if you are watching the 'lbs' or trying to make room for the Christmas festive eating ;).

Anyways enough yappity yap lets get on it.

Here is what you will need.
  1. 1 Medium or Large courgette shredded with a Julienne peeler or spiralizer. If you don't have them you can make ribbon slices with a potato peeler.
    Julienne sliced courgettes
    Spralizer in action
    Ribbon sliced with a potato peeler
  2. 1/2 Stock cube 
  3. Pinch of salt
  4. Salmon fillet
  5. 1 teaspoon Tomato puree
  6. Lemon juice (optional)
  7. Onions (optional)
  8. Chilli powder(optional)

Here is how to put it together.

  1.  Stir fry the courgette and onions in very hot wok for 1minute.
  2. Add the stock cube, salt and tomato puree and stir fry for another minute and its done! Courgettes get soggy very quickly so try to keep the stir frying to around 1-2minutes.
  3. Sear the salmon fillet in a hot pan with some lemon juice, salt and chilli for around 2 minutes, turning it regularly.
  4. Plate the meal and serve, of course after taking a few Instagram photos :) Boom!

Hope your enjoyed this super fast and easy recipe. I love hearing from you, how do you prepare courgettes, would love to try some of your tried and tested recipes.

Have a great weekend 

Friday, 21 November 2014


When it comes to friendships, I honestly struggle a little. Being an introvert and a natural recluse I enjoy my company a lot ( I know weird) and thanks to the internet I can find something to read and do for as long as I want. Over time I have learnt that this is not the way to live, being married has highlighted my lack of effort in stepping out of my hole and spending time with people I care about.

Proverbs 18 starts by talking about unfriendly people and how they only care about themselves and lash out at common sense (guilty as charged). Over the years I have lost and gained many amazing friendships and as I became aware of my reclusive nature I decided to work hard on my friendships.

So here are my tips to becoming a better friend if you are a slacker like me ;).
  1. BE HONEST- When it comes to friendships being honest sometimes is not as easy as it sounds. Most times we are worried it might hurt them so we lie and cover up with flattery. Proverbs 27:6 Says wounds from sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy. That being said most people use 'honesty' to state their opinions in a harsh and unloving way and say 'I'm just being honest' not cool.                                
  2. EMPATHISE- Being able to share and understand another person's feeling is very important in maintaining a lasting friendship. This is not always easy and does not come natural to everybody people. Years ago I had a friend that left everything till the last minute, then she'd panic and want everyone to rally around her and help. I used to get upset and think...why didn't she do her work instead of partying and why do I have to help her when it is her fault. That was a wrong attitude because empathy means you share her feeling at that moment and if you do, you rally and help her out regardless of how she got there. 
  3. DON'T BE SELFISH-This is so simple more of them less of you! Again not easy but absolutely doable.
  4. BE LOYAL- My sister has this saying I like "Don't tell me what they said about me, tell me why

Monday, 17 November 2014


Hello friends, hope are doing well and you had a wonderful weekend. Autumn is well on the way, Christmas is coming and I couldn't be happier. In fact I have already bought and wrapped almost half of my Christmas gifts, super keen bean I know!

One of my favourite things about blogging is the wonderful people you meet. In the last year I have met and made some amazing friends like Berry from, Fola from and Tomi from through this blog that have encouraged, inspired me and I feel so blessed.  

 I also met Jasmine from Colorubold our guest blogger today, she is has been nothing but kind, very inspirational and motivating. She is one cool chick and she is beautiful, loves Taylor Swift, pizza and the colour pink. Spend 2 minutes on her blog and your day will be better off,  she is an advocate for inner beauty, girl-power, she is so positive, full of life and encouraging. I  asked her and share her story on the blog, and was very excited when she agreed. 

Hope you guys enjoy the post and please share on social media as it is encourages us bloggers :)

 Nemi xoxo

KEEP THE FAITH by  Jasmine

When I first got into college I had no clue what I wanted to be, I just knew what was practical and what would sustain me in the little town that I lived in. I never knew what I could possibly become. So I signed up to take classes for nursing, I worked my butt off and tried my best to live with this decision but on the inside I was slowly becoming a less than stellar version of myself.  Depression took over my life; anxiety riddled me every single day. I would come home and go straight to sleep…I didn’t want to face the world. It got so bad I had to go on medication! That’s when my mom finally saw the real me or the not so real me. She came into my room one night as I was balling my eyes out and told me “it’s ok, you don’t have to keep doing this, I’ll still be proud of you regardless.” A whole weight was lifted off of me. I started crying again but not out of sadness or failure but out of relief. Peace I’ve never felt before came over me. From that very day I set out to find my passion, to start a new beginning, a new path…even if it scared me!
Do you have faith? Faith can be anything from believing you’ll pass that test you’ve been studying weeks for to having faith in getting a new job promotion that otherwise seemed impossible. Faith is seeing the unseen. We have to look passed what we see right now, meaning our circumstances, to seeing the possibilities of our dreams. Instead of being negative say “I’m not where I want to be but I know I’m going to get there”…now that’s my kind of faith!
Our dreams may seem unrealistic to others but to us it makes complete sense…stick to that! That’s God telling you, “You are on the right track.” If your dream scares you that’s God just simply nudging you saying “keep going you’ll get past this.” My passion for beauty, fashion, and writing may seem unrealistic to others but to me and God it’s perfectly attainable. I’m going after my dreams...Will you?
Believe in yourself first before all else. Believe that your dreams are achievable, that you can accomplish everything you set your mind to. If you are afraid…do it afraid! Go to your boss ask for that raise. Call that company that you have been wanting to contact.  Get out of that career path, that leaves you depressed and start living your dreams! Turn your dreams into reality. God wants you to have the best in life. 
Go after the best and forget the rest! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Hello everyone its been a short while eh? Hope you guys had a lovely weekend.

I had a busy busy weekend with one of our close friends getting married on Saturday and working on
Beautiful wedding and gorgeous bride :)

I plan to blog a bit more regularly this week and would like to start with something quite light, like an appetiser  :).

INFOGRAPHICS- Interesting little fact about me- I find it difficult to read long  blog articles without photos (difficult to admit). Recently my sister sent me a blog article to read and it was very long about a 1000 words and for some reason I could not focus. I asked her what the catch was, she said there was no catch she just thought I would enjoy it. I told her it had no photos and as I result I was not interested! She replied with  "Are your four years old?". Many of you would admit that it is a bit silly to find it difficult to read long article without illustrations but I guess my brain handles pictures better and faster than words.

Anyhoo I recently discovered infographics(Information+graphics) and I can't get enough of it. According to wikipedia  they are a graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complete information quickly and clearly. They apparently can improve cognition by utilising graphics to enhance the human visuals system's ability to see patterns and trends. Super cool huh?! I have found inforgraphic helpful in satisfying my crazy quest for random knowledge and facts, here are some of my favourite ones.





Anyways guys hope you liked these infographics I will be back later in the week with some more juicy stuff.

Have a great day

Nemi xx

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Hello everyone long time no see! Hope you are having a great week, I had a super busy weekend and had to play catch up this week hence the late post.

So what have I been up to lately?

Car Shopping

Le hüsband and I spontaneously decided to do some car window shopping, we are looking to get a new car next year and wanted to find out what is out there.  We had 4 criteria in mind for the car, German engine, affordable, looks 'mean' and has got 'beans'. We visited the Audi, Mercedes and BMW showrooms. I bet you can tell which car I want from the photos...
Really liked the Mercedes show room... lots of niiice cars
This is the new CLA so sleek eh!
The front grills are sooo mean!!
Nice one 
Ok I don't understand the mirror/aluminium effect...interesting looking though

The new BMW 2 series hatchback- Cool!

I think this is the X3, pretty cool but not too exciting
BMW updated their 1 series and it looks really good especially the  interior-sorry no pics

I think Mercedes ruined everything for us because after visiting their well lit sexy showroom, BMW and Audi just looked boring. 

I learnt a few things from this car shopping experience, like how handbrakes and keys are outdated and they don't put them in new cars anymore, most new cars have automatic braking if get  too close to the car in front of you to avoid an accident, some cars can parallel park for you...yes the car steers itself and everything. My favourite feature though in the Mercedes is the automatic seat adjuster with memory, basically you adjust the seat to your liking and save it and the next time you are in the car the seat can be adjusted from memory- you can store up to 3 different settings is that cool or what?!



Any one that has spent more than 5 minutes with me will know I am a big time foodie, so when heard of the Bitten food festival coming to Oxford I was excited and was not going to let this pass me by. Anyhoo when the Saturday arrived I went there only to be met with 5 overpriced food vans and a bicycle, I was honestly dissappointed not sure what I was expecting but when you hear food 'festival you expect  a bit more right? 

Pizza Van
Cup cake bike- This is so cute....Like!

Cocktail Van

Greek food van 


Chicken Sunday 

On Sunday we kept our tradition alive by going to Nandos (#NandosSunday and got a free whole chicken! 

Selfie time :)- smizing 

Retail therapy at Bicester Village

Post-chicken we decided to take trip the Bicester Village a designer outlet shopping village about 20 minutes from Oxford. I was surprised at how busy it was I think it is the busiest I have seen it, some shops had queues outside with 'bouncers' and had a one in-one out rule it was crazy and so were the sales!

You know how you go shopping sometimes you don't find anything you like or that anything fits? Well that was what happened to me, it was one of those shopping days... sigh. Le hüsband on the other hand was winning all around, he found this gorgeous blazer that fit him like a sexy glove! ha

Tweed-tastic Love it!

People queuing to get into Michael Kors
Presently loving these Michael Kors bags 
Gorgeous colours 

So pretty!

The Ralph Lauren queue was the longest- did not have the patience to queue
Was kinda tempted by these Jack Wills trousers till I tried them on- Not me at all


Police station 

After the shopping trip we headed off to church, while we were parking we saw people fighting- I didn't have my glasses on so I barely saw anything. After church there were police cars and forensics everywhere and they asked us to go to the police station and give a statement without telling us what had happened. We willing obliged as we thought we barely saw anything and it would only take a few minutes... WRONG! It ended up taking almost 2 hours with lots of waiting time and we got home so late we barely had time for food and had to go to bed. This seriously ruined the nice night in, that we had planned... oh well lesson learned.

That is how my weekend went, how was yours?

Nemi xx