Monday 10 February 2014


Hello lovlies, hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend. My weekend started out quite busy and tiring but I felt so much better after a super nap Sunday afternoon. This weekend I tried sorting out my inbox and found some photos from 2006 of chubby Nemi, feels like a different lifetime since I was overweight. Most people that have known me just recently find it hard to believe that I used to be chubby, I even find it hard to believe because I feel like a different person.

When trying to lose weight most people fail and end up in a 'YO YO CIRCLE OF DOOM' because they try to make temporary changes which is what mosts diets really are. Over the years I have learnt that the key to losing weight and keeping it off is to make PERMANENT CHANGES. The whole idea of a permanent change need not scare you because most times they are not drastic changes, they are just little changes without a deadline.

Here are some simple changes you can make that will result in permanent weight loss and zap you out of the vicious diet cycles and yo yo-ing.

Move more

 I have noticed that most naturally skinny people hardly diet or run many miles a day, what they do is move more. They walk almost everywhere, they don't sit still for too long and are generally up and doing. This I believe, is one of the keys to a sustainable weight loss, the human body was not programmed to be still and sat at a desk for 8hours a day then in front of the TV for another 3 before bed, that is just too much sitting. I read an article about women that do more house work having better bodies not because they eat differently but because they moved more. Moving more everyday by walking, doing chores, playing outside with the kids and being  generally active will give you better long term results as it is sustainable, does not increase your appetite like most workouts and is natural for your body.

Love your body

If you love someone you treat them good right? You would not do anything that will hurt them and will want them to look and be the best that they can be right? Then why do we put things in our bodies that will hurt it? Why do we compare our bodies to other people and unreal images in the media('comparison is a brutal assault on ones self). Why do we binge, starve, smoke, eat processed food, not drink enough water and do all the things that have a bad effect on our bodies. Perhaps we don't love our bodies as much as we should because if we did we would treat it better. Loving your body is the key to being disciplined and will give you the strength to make better decisions

Think like a slim person

My husband and I have something we call a 'chubba fantasy' which are simply unhealthy thoughts and attachments to food. Everyone struggles with this every now and then but former fatties like myself have to fight it regularly and the good news it that over time it reduces. An example of a chubba fantasy is the desire to get in bed with tub of Hagen Daz instead of dishing out a few tablespoons in a bowl or going for a KFC bucket instead of a meal. These over the top diet choices make people fat and most people still struggle with them during and post weight loss. They result in binging then feeling really guilty, starving then binging again...aah must be painful! My trick is to ask myself what a natural slim person would do and do that instead. Always works for me.

Fast weekly

Few years ago I had a routine where I went on a fast every Friday for religious reasons from morning till 6pm. I did not realise it then but looking back at pictures I realised that I was in great shape without any dieting and I felt so much better generally.  For many years fasting has been recommended by many religions for cleansing the mind, body and soul. And in recent years science has proven its numerous benefits like detoxification, fat loss, reducing blood sugar, reduced high blood pressure and many more. Fasting does not have to be extreme or drastic it is as easy as skipping 1 or 2 meals to give your digestive system a rest.                       

Trust the process

Post wedding/honeymoon I gained around 10lbs and I've been struggling to lose it. I went down the popular route of fad diets but did not last which let to some serious yo yo. I recently read an interview with Fitness Model Jamie Eason(My best friend in my head), she recently had a baby and put on quite a bit of weight, she said she was able to enjoy the pregnancy and eat what she wanted because she 'trusts the process'. The phrase stuck with me, she believed that if she eat clean healthy food and lifts weight the excess weight will fall off and guess what? It did! Not over night but in good time and she looks great! This really inspired me to trust my process by moving more, loving my body, fasting weekly and being patient.

Have you lost weight and kept it off? What was your process?

Nemi x


  1. Great post dear, I can relate with your experience because my weight has fluctuated all my life and I have practically been a yoyo dieter until last year.I was already working on a post to chronicle my one year anniversary of living a healthier lifestyle.
    I love the "think like a slim person" will incorporate it into my lifestyle.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Ngozi, I look forward to reading your one year anniversary post. Would love to know what worked for you and how you maintained your weight. x

  2. I love the post. If there's nanything I fear, its FLABS. I'm petite and I'd rather be this way. Its really all about the right attitude. And you look fab; extra bonus for a married lady. :D
    Kindly stop by my blog and follow. I hope you'll love it.

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I'm literally sitting here with my mouth open!

    Gawsh, what the heck am I doing with myself?!?!?!? I need to get up and move!

    BTW, how weird is it that I also stumbled on old pictures of myself? :p

  4. I love this post. i was a bit plump in 2012 and lost 10kg last year by a better diet and working out. im just trying to "flatten" my tummy some more, and then work on my quite flabby inner thighs and bum! your comment- "The whole idea of a permanent change need not scare you because most times they are not drastic changes, they are just little changes without a deadline." is just the TRUTH!

    1. Wow great job on your weight loss! I am still battling with my inner thighs and bum, its crazy the fat just won't budge. I am experimenting with some products that might help ;) will spread the love if successful x

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  6. Thank you so much for posting! I have been yo-yoing the last 6 years doing low carb (successfully lost 60 lbs TWICE and 30lbs once) and I think one of the reasons I always gain back is because I feel there are so many forbidden foods on low carb so when I do indulge in carbs, I OVER indulge and binge! I'm now adding back in healthy carbs (fruit! oh how I missed it!) and not so healthy ones in moderation (corn tortillas - my fav! but I only get two!). I'm now on my fourth attempt at losing weight and have been so discouraged and telling myself "why are you starting to try again, putting in all this hard work of calorie counting, missing out on drinking events with friends, and 6am gym workouts? You'll just gain it all right back!" but this time around I've been saying it's ok to indulge occasionally but when/if I do I need to have just a small portion and savoir, enjoy life and food! <3

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