Monday 16 March 2015


Hello friends hope you had a lovely Mother's day weekend. I haven't done a weekend update in aaaages as I find taking pictures to capture every moment in life stops you from living in the moment and could be intrusive to friends and family. That being said, I think some moments are better enjoyed when you can capture it and share. OK enough jibber jabber.

I went to the hairdressers recently and got invited to a UK hair fellowship event for Afro hair. The Fellowship of British hairdressing is an organisation that is dedicated to promoting the best of British hairdressing by organising events where the UK top hair dressers, colourist, stylist etc share their skills and expertise. Being a member of the fellowship is strictly by invitation based the on quality of your salon. Basically every one there that was amazing and from an award winning hair salon and I was very excited to be there and learn from the best.

Afro Hair Presentation and Workshop
The evening started with an introduction from Errol Douglas(MBE) the current president of the fellowship then some hair demonstration.
Errol Douglas (MBE) President of the fellowship

A common thread that ran through all the demos was the use of colour, Natalie Joseph of Hype Coiffure(UK colourist of the year) had green in her models hair with blond tips and the result was stunning. She stressed that his was only possible without damage because the models's hair was natural.
Natalie Joseph from Hype Coiffure

Michelle Thompson cutting technique was captivation and I could not look away, she relaxed her model's hair to loosen the curl pattern then blowdried it to add body and bounce before cutting the hair. Again the result were amazing and the texture of the hair was just amazing, I didn't know black hair could look that smooth straight and bouncy.
Michelle Thompson from Francesco Group

 Donna Marie Hunt added colour to relaxed hair and a few members of the audience were quite skeptical because of the over processing and damage. She said that as long as the hair was in good condition you can add colour to relaxed hair without further damage provided you don't  strip the hair of its natural colour and you use a darker colour. She used a pinkish purple on her model and it was stunning.
Donna Marie Hunt from Alan d

 Joy Miller wrapped her model's hair to make the sides flat then bonded some short extension to the crown of her models hair for shape and volume. Is it just me or does the model look like Rhianna?
Joy Miller from Junior Green

Interview with Tom Forster- Award winning barber  and London Fashion week mens hair stylist.

Having tracks put in my hair cos I am not brave enough to dye my hair

 BEFORE-With Anne Veck
AFTER- Went for a redish pink and loved it!!

Had a wonderful and inspiring evening at the event and I learnt a few things about black hair. By the way just so you know, relaxers are out and texturisers are back! For the perfect smooth and bouncy hair texturise then, blowdry boom!

Have a great week ya'll



  1. Love the look! I agree though - sometimes having to take photos doesn't allow you enjoy the moment.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. I know what you mean, it is about striking the right balance.


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