Monday 29 December 2014


After all the overindulging over Christmas your body is probably feeling sluggish, jeans are a bit tighter and your midsection is more Michelin man than washboard. 
By the way how amazing is Christmas dinner?!?!
Well this is what happens to me post-holidays and over the years I have tried a lot of diets, cleanses and detox to fix the damage; I have also learnt that you don't have to go to extremes to get great results. I have experimented over the years and have learnt little tricks and tweaks that can undo the holiday damage in no time.  
  1. FASTED MORNING WALK- This might not work for everyone but it works for me and it is not easy for me to do but I do it when I need to bring out the big guns and see great results. Fasted morning walk is basically doing a long walk without any food in your stomach, I try to walk anywhere from 30-60mins depending on how I feel. Because you have not had anything to eat your body fuels the workout by burning stored fat. Score!!
  2. DE-BLOAT DRINK-  Don't waste your money on expensive Detox teas or Teatox and do this instead. I make 2 litres of this drink first thing in the morning and drink it throughout the day. It is basically 2 bags of green tea, 1 bag of dandelion tea, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoon of lemon juice and some honey, squash or cordial for taste. It tastes quite good surprisingly and it cleans you out (you pee a lot) getting rid of all the extra water weight. (Dandelion is the secret ingredient in many detox tea so if you can't be bothered with this concoction just drink lots of dandelion tea)
  3. EGGS  FOR DINNER- Again this works for me and I had a friend try it with great results. Eggs tend to digest quite quickly leaving your body to burn fat in your sleep. Eggs also helps with water retention which is the major culprit of the extra weight. What I like to do is use 1 whole egg and as many eggs whites(3-6) as I like depending on how hungry I am. I fry, scramble or make a frittata with veggies again depending on how I feel.
  4.  NIGHT CRAVINGS…  I tend to have late night craving so I eat only half my meal at dinner time and the rest when I feel hungry late at night.
  5. PART TIME VEGETARIAN- I try be vegetarian on weekdays and have meats and in the weekends, because animal products tend to be calories dense I feel lighter by the weekend.

So what does a typical day look like food-wise when trying to shed some lbs?

      • Pre-breakfast- 1 glass of pre bloat drink
  • Breakfast is usually- Coffee with almond milk, 1 egg and 3 eggs white omelette with leftover veggies from dinner(spinach, brussels sprouts, carrot)
      • Pre-lunch- 1 glass of pre bloat drink
  • Lunch- Kale salad with mixed fruits and nuts and  a lemon-vinegar dressing.
      • 1 glass of pre bloat drink
  • Snack- Handful of seeds(pumpkins seeds, sunflower seeds) and nuts with a square of 75% dark chocolate.
      • Pre-dinner- 1 glass of pre bloat drink
  • Dinner- 1egg and 5 egg white frittata with onions, tomatoes and bells peppers
  • After dinner- Cinnamon flavoured greek yoghurt topped with coconut and dark chocolate shavings.

So guys this is what I do and how I eat post holiday, I've been doing this for years and it works all the time. Hope you've found this helpful.

Do you have any tips and tricks that work for you,  please leave me a comment I would love to hear from you.

Happy Holidays!


Nemi xoxo


  1. Hey lady! Missed ya :)

    Trying to start a weight-loss regimen now, so all these tips are definitely helpful - especially the eggs for dinner point.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks Berry and Happy New Year in advance :). Glad you found these tips helpful.xx

  2. My main goal is to get in serious shape this year so might give this a go! Thanks Nemi x

    1. Thanks Aisha let me know which trick works best for you. Xx

  3. lmao at the midsection looking more Michellin man than washboard! Great tips there girl. I have dandelion tea but I also got a detox tea called Nudeytea and can't wait to start on that coupled with exercise and cleaner eating to kickstart my healthy lifestyle goals for the New Year

    1. Hi Fola, haven't heard of the Nudeytea...will do some reading on it. Looking forward to hearing about your result and good-luck with your goals x x x

  4. I would definitely give this a try. Just a little change here and there. Looking to drop 20kg dz year. This post was helpful. Leeznijis Blog

    1. Hi Elizabeth glad you found the post helpful, good luck with your weight loss goals.


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