Friday 14 March 2014


Hello lovelies, hope you have had a good week. I have a had a pretty pretty lovely week and I am soooo glad it is Friday as we are having some friends over for Chinese cant wait!

 Today we are gonna continue with the Style reinvention series and it is on adding colour some to your wardrobe.

Back home in Nigeria, wearing bold bright colours is an everyday affair. With multi coloured African wax prints and laces, we just love 'us' some colour and most times give no thought to the colours that suit us. When I moved to England I noticed that most people shy away from wearing bold bright colours and prefer muted tones. Not sure why but I am guessing it has something to do with the culture.

In this post,'' I will be showing you fun ways to go bold with bright colours and subtle with pastels.


Bold colours if done right can work for everybody. Here are a few tips to help you 'GO BOLD'.

Discover your colours- First you need to know what colours work best on you 'Colour Me Beautiful' system effective and quite accurate in helping you identify your best colours. Visit their website for more information.

Pair with Neutrals - This is one of may favourite ways to 'go bold', pairing with the right neutrals like muted greys, black or white can give bold outfits an elegant edge which is not ways easy to acheive.

Pair with horizontal stripes- In my opinion this is one of the easiest way to wear bold colours and great without all the effort. It is as simple as getting a horizontal striped top in a neutral colour and add your colour of choice. I know simple! here are some examples.

Pair with dark colours- Colours like black, charcoal, dark grey, navy blue, bottle green and dark purple are great colours to pair with bold and bright colours.

Accesorize with a pop of colour- This is another cool way to 'go bold' and has a fashion disaster risk of 2%( if you over do it).  Keep it simple and  wear 1 or 2 pieces of coloured accessories like the images below.
2 colours


If you have discovered your personal style(quiz here) or had your colours done,  you might realise that maybe bold bright colours are not for you. Most 'earths/peace maker'(from the quiz) or summer tones(from colour me beautiful) do better in softer subtle shades. If you don't  want tot 'go bold and bright', you can add colour and brighten your wardrobe this spring with some pastels. Like wearing bold colours the same rules apply, you need to discover what colours work with your skin tone best and pair them with neutral or stripes.

Here are a few ways to wear pastels.

This mint coat, cream dress and pick accessories is very colourful yet elegant and stylish.

 Love this casual ensemble with pastel trousers.

So lovelies will you be going bold or subtle this spring? 

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  1. i really like the look- pairing a bright colour with black and white stripes! ive made a mental note to get a striped top asap!


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