Friday 8 March 2013


To put your best foot forward at all times it is important to have a personal style, something that shows your individuality in the outfits you put together. For instance, if you are a laid back person, wearing structured or constricting outfits can make you look stiff and drown out your personality. Or a quiet reserved person wearing a bright outrageous colour will just look wrong because they don’t have the personality to carry that colour.
 Identifying the types of clothes that project your personality individuality can help you create and refine your signature look, which will save lots of time and effort when shopping or getting ready to go out. 
If you are not sure about the type of look you want to achieve, I have included a quiz that will help you align your personality to your style.


If you scored highest in A, you are Water, in B you are Wood and so on. If you have two similar scores you are a mixture of both and that is OK.


You like clothes that stand out for their uniqueness. You like long, fluid and flowing clothing and feel most comfortable in these kinds of garments. Unusual cuts are also a strong pull and you tend to own way too many bags.
 Some other qualities of the Philosopher include; Artistic style, Unique unusual, Fluid lines, Inner confidence, Black/blue, Dark deep colours.

Celebrity Philosopher- Olivia Parlemo


You love comfort and crave clothes that are loose fitted and that you can move in – and you love shoes— something typical of the wood element because wood governs the feet
Be sure clothes allow for movement and have some elasticity — and that you can walk in your shoes! Some other qualities of the pioneer are; Casual styling, Sporty, Natural fabrics, Greens and Blues.

Celebrity Pioneer-


You like attention and prefer clothes that draw attention. You also like clothing that has a little sexiness. Tight tops and jeans that show off your curves are some of your favourite go-to clothes. Some other qualities of  pleasure seeker are; Flamboyant style, Body flattering pieces, Attention inspired clothes, Bright colours, reds orange and violet.

Celebrity Pleasure Seeker- Solange Knowles


You like to buy clothing that is traditional and will give you years of wear. You like light and bright coloured clothes and beige, taupe, tan, yellow, and dark gold are your power colours. You have a tendency to wear clothes that are either too baggy or too tight around the middle. Some other qualities of the peacemaker are; Conservative, Basic style, Classic, Browns, ochre earth colours.

Celebrity Peacemaker - Eva Mendes


You like cutting edge ideas and you are fussy about your attire and you are a closet perfectionist. You don’t mind spending a small fortune to get a quality garment with exceptional tailoring and exquisite lines. Those high standards will help you get noticed for your taste. And if you don’t have a small fortune to spend on clothes, watch style magazines that make high style recommendations that are budget-friendly.  Some other qualities of the perfectionist are; Quality, Elegance, Luxury / designer, Refined, Grey, refined muted colours, metallic.
Celebrity Perfectionist- Victoria Beckham


These results can be used to help you discover your personal style or change your style to achieve a goal. For example a wood might want to dress a bit more metal at work to be taken more seriously or a metal might want to dress more like a peacemaker to appear more approachable.

How did you find the results and were they accurate? Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you. Next week will be on how to Refine Your Personal Style.
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  1. I took the quiz, and it says I'm FIRE! A whopping 9 attributes. But I feel like I'm more dressed down, than anything.

    PS - Gawsh, I LOVE Olivia Palermo and Victoria Beckham's style!

    1. Hi Berry thanks for taking the quiz, I looooooove Olivia and Victoria Beckham as well, I am a natural Water and a wannabe METAL ;).
      It is possible to be FIRE and be quite dressed down, most FIRES that dress down compensate with wearing bright colours like yellows, oranges, purples etc. Do you find that you wear alot of brighter colours? xx

    2. I guess so. Cos when you think about it, I have quite a number of yellow items in my wardrobe.

  2. hummmm Now I understand why I love shoes sooo much !
    But funny enough I dress more like Solange fire style with a bit less colour but share none of the attributes ... interesting !
    thanks for that

  3. So right! I'm Water and Fire. Thank you!

  4. Very much FIRE and I agree, I'm more drawn to colour and totally infatuated with Solange knowles's style, although some days i wanna be water, very flamboyant and Colour crazy with clothes. Eeek!

    1. I think it is possible to channel a different personality based on your mood. I am water/ metal but some days I feel very fiery and try to channel that style. x

  5. What if i have an equal amount of adjectives in water and wood? 5 each then followed by 4 earth and 3 in metal?

    1. It is possible to be a combination 2 different style personalities. I would say you are a Water and Wood but depending on your mood you could be quite earthy. x

  6. I like reading an article that can make people think. Also, many thanks
    for allowing for me to comment!


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