Thursday 19 June 2014


 Hello lovelies, as promised in my last post, here is my review of VeganNigerian's Garri cookies. I was excited when Tomi said she made some cookies for me but I was not expecting two packs of cookies in 'Chocolate' and 'Original'. I was so happy to take them home and refill my cookie jar they looked and smelt so great and most importantly are a healthy alternative to cookies.

Before I go into details I must add that I have had to keep these cookies out of sight because I just don't trust myself around them but I feel like to do this review any justice, I bring them out of hiding and try some again with a hot drink...things I do for blogging eh!

I tried the chocolate chip cookie first cos it was... chocolate need I say more and I really liked it. It tasted of peanut and chocolate flavoured garri, each bite had a good amount of chopped nut and chocolate chips it was delicious without being too sweet and rich. I also experimented with melting it in the microwave for 10 seconds and was soooooo yummy and gooey!

Then I tried the Original, the original is made with garri, groundnut and dates and boy was I blown away. For starters it did not taste like it was made out of garri but rather grainy flour and the dates were so delicious as they added a bit of chewy gooey sweetness to the mix definitely my favourite of the two. It was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside and really sweet thanks to the dates.

After stuffing my face or should I say tasting the cookies for this 'review' I felt I should get a second, third and fourth opinion. So I employed the help of three men (cos men say it as it is right?) my brother, my husband and his friend and here is what they said.

Brother- Loves it as it brings back some nostalgic memories of drinking garri. Want to know where he can buy it as he is happy to replace his cookies with these. He says they are super filling perhaps they increase in your stomach like garri does...
Husband- What is this garri cookies thing?
                  Tastes both- LikeS the Original and would like more dates in it.
Friend- What is garri, what is cassava?
                  Tastes both- Loves the Chocolate cookie especially  how the chocolate chips and crunchy      
                   nuts work together.

So would I buy these cookies? Absolutely
Why should I try this recipe- The cookies are Vegan, Gluten free and super high in fibre and very filling.
Where can I find the recipe- On The VeganNigerian's Website.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and please don't forget to Like The VeganNigerian's Facebook page for more exciting recipes.

Nemi xx


  1. I saw her post and was instantly jealous of the hangout. However, I don't like garri and while the cookies look yummy, I'm really skeptical cos of the garri-ness, lol. Maaaaybe I'll send the recipe to someone who likes drinking garri (blech)

  2. @Berry the 'Original' tastes or smells nothing like Garri. If i did not tell you it was made from Garri you'd never guess. xx

  3. This is so wonderful Nemi, thanks so much :) xx

  4. This looks so delicious, craving cookies now! x

  5. You even have some self-control. If I have goodies that I really like they dont even last up to two days. I can't wait to try these cookies...


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