Monday 30 June 2014


Hello pretty people hope you are having a wonderful summer. I am having a lot of fun this summer and  it shows :). I just returned from a wonderful holiday in France with the in-laws, while I was there I let my self enjoy the local Perigourdine cuisine with no regrets.

I have had a love/hate relationship with food in the past where the number on the scale or whether I felt fat or not affected my mood and self confidence. I am slowly trying to break that stronghold in my mind by loving and appreciate my body as is rather than always striving for some number on the scale that I can never seem to reach.

This time around I decided that rather than going on some crazy diet to get rid of the holiday pounds, I'd just go back to my normal eating and exercise routine and include some detoxifying 'add ons'. Restricting or eliminating foods from my diets makes me want it more so I am hoping this method of shedding the holiday pounds might have a sane and successful result.

So here are my favourite Post Holiday detox tips.
  1. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning and before every meal-   Drinking lemon water 30 minutes before a meal helps your body digest the food better and gets the most nutrients out of your food. There are many additional benefits of lemon water like getting rid of toxins in your body, water retention and the vitamin c helps to heal sun damage on your skin. I have written about the benefits  of lemon water in the blog in the past and I know that not everyone likes the taste. I have discovered that adding some sugar free cordial(squash) really helps the taste and makes drinking it easier. You can also add some honey or agave, ginger, cayenne, mint or any flavours you enjoy.

  2. Replace snacking with a detoxing smoothie or fruits- This is one of my top tip as on holiday when we overindulge our stomach size increases and you start craving foods you indulged in. Having a  detox smoothie fills you up whilst giving you the essential nutrients your body needs to heal its self and kick start your metabolism. The type of smoothie you go is key as some smoothies can make you hungrier, I tend to go for a Vegetable smoothie post breakfast and fruit based smoothie post lunch or pre workout. Here are some of my favourite smoothie recipe and they are all super easy to make all you need is a food processor or Blender HERE Don't have one? Check out my Amazon E-store HERE  for some ideas that fit any budget.

  3. Have a Veggie salad everyday- When you are not restricting or eliminating on a diet, filling up on the rights foods are essential. Salads are another great way to fill up that expanded stomach with little calories, you also have the benefit of getting body repairing nutrients. These days some salads are so rich they have more calories than a pizza! Try to go for green salads with a vinegar or lemon based dressing, little or no oil and for protein and fats, I found nuts and avocados to be very effective when it comes to detoxing.
  4. Drink water- This is my least favourite tip cos I struggle to drink enough water. I have recently started making a fruit infused drink with sparkling water as this helps me drink up and having a Fruit infusion pitcher jug HERE or water bottle makes this so much easier.  There are so many recipes out there, here are a few of my faves!  
    Strawberry, Lavender and blueberry flavoured water

    Raspberry and Lime flavoured water

    These tips above have helped me lose the holiday bulge without resorting to dieting  and I hope they help you too. Do you have any post holiday detoxing tips that have worked for you? Please feel free to share  :).

    Nemi x x x


  1. Great tips babe! You look like you had a great holiday :).
    Perigourdine cuisine? I had to google it lol! Sorry no love hate relationship for me when it comes to trying new cuisines with interesting names lol. I would go ahead and dig in and worry about the weight loss later :)

  2. @Ngozi I did O, as for the Perigourdine cuisine it was my first time hearing it as well and it was so delicious and worth every pound :).

  3. You def had a great holiday. I love to try out new cuisines whenever i travel and leave the detoxing for after the trip.

  4. Dear holiday, please come. Like yesterday. So I can have as much fun as Nemi. Pretty please.


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