Wednesday 18 June 2014


Hello lovelies hope you are having a great week. Yesterday had the privilege of having lunch with a blogger I really admire. The very beautiful Tomi runs the VeganNigerian website that is chock full of yummilicious Nigerian vegan recipes and boy was I in for a treat!

 How did we meet?

I commented on one of Tomi's recipes and was very excited when I realised she lived in Oxford about 10 minutes from my house. We planned to meet up and when we finally met, I was taken aback by this lady's intellect, warmth, poise and natural beauty( she has the most beautiful almond eyes). Anyways  back to the lunch; she made some of her famous recipe  and they tasted even better than I imagined, I ate to my fill with no ounce of guilt because I her recipes are healthy, organic and natural.

What did we eat?

We started with her famous Butter Bean Parcel made with delicious sautéed vegetables and butter beans on a vegan pastry and some freshly made Apple, celery, cumber and parsley juice. You can get the recipes here. Then we followed it with some Avocado, Kale, tomato salad and cous cous with cucumber, parsley and dates yes dates really add to the recipe and I kept going back for seconds. We moved on to dessert she made on the spot with her 2 ingredient Berry Banana ice-cream it was soooo yummy. We should have stopped right? WRONG!!
We  then had some mint tea with fresh mint leaves and some dark chocolate while I sampled her famous Garri Cookies.(#Trivia- they were featured on BBC focus on Africa). I will be reviewing them on my next post. 

What did we chat about?

We chatted about our goals, dreams, healthy living and most importantly FOOD!

Anyways enough of the yapping and time for some #foodie photos enjoy!
Butter Bean Parcels

Apple, Cucumber, peaches and Parsley juice

Avocado and tomato salad with Cous Cous, dates, cucumber and red peppers
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Berry Delicious Banana and Mixed berry Ice cream
Chocolate Groundnut and Date and nuts Garri cookies

I felt really blessed after my afternoon with Tomi and learnt so much about the vegan lifestyle, recipes and life (she is one wise lady). Please visit her blog for more information, recipes, food haul, vegan shop and lots more. 

Nemi xx


  1. Yummy foods, so jealous of you right now.
    Tomi makes vegan food so tempting.

  2. @Lara tell me about it! It is soo tasty you'd forget there is no meat!

  3. You are so lucky that you met with her. i cant wait to come for vacation later in the year and meet u and maybe Tomi and other UK-based bloggers! You guys really had fun :)

  4. Wow, loving this garri cookies. I would have presumed it being heavy due to the carbs in garri?
    I can't wait to get my hands on the recipe. Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs Bim:-)

  5. @fola It will be so cool and inspiring to have us all together x


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