Wednesday 9 April 2014

MY VEGAN DIARY- DAY 2 (My husband was right)

I woke up this morning after a rough night sleep from feeling super bloated, all that fiber from the lentils or raw broccoli really got me bad.

Breakfast- Started with a detox tea as I was feeling quite rough tummy wise, after clearing out my system I was able to eat again. I had some lentils from yesterday, a side salad with some balsamic vinegar and a coffee with almond milk; Felt pretty satisfied this time, the side salad really works as a filler-upper. We are off to ikea and a furniture store today so I decided to pack some vegan snacks, I packed some dark chocolate and plaintain chips for some energy boost and they most definitely came in handy.

Lunch- Furniture shopping was quite stressful but successful, finished my snacks by the time we got to the first store and by the second store I was hungry again and snacked on
some cashews but the shopping was a great distraction. 3 hours later we were back in the car on our way home starving and considering a McDonald's (don't judge me), we resisted that temptation and snacked on some more cashews.

Dreaming of quiting- I fell asleep in the car and had a dream were I was discussing about being vegan with myself. I woke up and told my husband I was done with being vegan and he laughed and asked why? I told him about my dream and how being a vegan requires a high amount of carbs and my body can't handle too much carbs and he joked that we could have been having some chicken by now. Anyhow we stopped at the next services and went to Burger King, I popped into Costa coffee and ordered a skinny chai latte with milk not soy (yes I blew it) and bought some lentil curls they are super yummy.

Dinner - We were home by dinner time and I decided I was through with being vegan but I couldn't get myself to eat the grilled chicken in the fridge and ended up having lentils and plantain crisps for dinner.
Still feeling bloated but not as bad as yesterday.

Am I still vegan as I had a latte? Well I'll find out tomorrow 

Wish me luck 
Nemi xx

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  1. LOL! I wouldn't call it a Fail, but it's not a Pass either.


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