Thursday 10 April 2014


Yesterday I went to bed post skinny latte and my vegan journey was in question. I woke up this morning and went for a morning cardio session inspired by Supermom Ashley Honer, I ended up jogging for 2minutes and walking for 58mins while trying to convince myself that walking is better for me.

 Anyhoo post workout I was faced with the big question AM I STILL VEGAN? I did the 'opening the fridge pondering' thing you do when you are scavenging for food and the answer was staring me in the face . The answer was Eggs, I have been having eggs for breakfast (mostly whites) for years and that had helped me maintain my weight and regulate cravings. During my 2 days as vegan I weighed 1.5kg more, felt bloated and produced weapons of mass destruction that could destroy any marriage it must have been all that rice, lentils and broccoli.

I informed my Husband and Sister about my decision to quit and they laughed at me of course then tried to convince me to stick with it. My mind was pretty made up about it, I believe in the health benefits of the vegan lifestyle but I do not think it is for me. Here are my reasons.

  1. It is very high in Carbohydrates - A Vegan diet is a high carb diet and if you are naturally active it might work for you. Youtube Vegan advocate Banana freelee girl and Duran Rider are extremely active that is why they can eat all those carbs and still be slim. If you are more on the Sedentary side you are very likely to gain weight. 
  2. Getting Protein is not easy - It is possible to get your daily protein requirements from a Vegan diet but it is difficult. Most vegan protein sources also come with carbs and fats like most legumes , nuts and seeds. I found that for every gram of protein I was also getting a tonne of carbs which meant an increase in my daily calories total.
  3. I was always hungry- I wonder why no one tells you this, a vegan diet will make you hungry! On a day I think I ate my body weight in food but was still hungry. I am gluten intolerant so can't eat most grains so I ate a lot of rice and was still hungry, I was so hungry it was distracting.
  4. My body responds better to a low carb diet- My protein sources pre-vegan experiment were mostly from eggs whites and seafood both low in saturated fat which I ate with a lot of vegetables and snacked on nuts. I easily maintained my weight this way, hunger was kept at bay thanks to the protein and healthy fats AND I did not have any problems with those nasty insulin spikes.
Those are my reasons for not sticking with the Vegan diet please don't judge me. It may work for lots of people  but my body said NO!

 I would love to hear from you, have you tried any lifestyle or  diet and your body said NO?


  1. this blog, I agree its time to quit.
    been caught up reading this blog for two days now,
    love your blog...wanna follow eachother?
    let me know

  2. lol! i tried d atkins diet last year and my body said NO! my body just couldnt take the sudden change. i woke up one morning and I literally started having heart palpitations, I was short of breath and felt I myt die. I jumped out of bed and started munching chocolates, opened a bottle of fruit wine and gulped it down...I just knew I needed some energy. It was then that i decided I would do it the slow and steady way. I concentrated more on calorie intake, more fruits and veggies, and working out. a year later, I am still seeing the benefits!

    1. Ha! The drastic elimination of carbs can do that, gosh it must have been scary. Over the years I realised everyone's body is so different and needs different diet programs for weight loss. In Brazil, Doctors make customised fat burners for patients based on their hormones and it can work only work for you, cool huh!

    2. Customized fat burners-thats good.makes a lot of sense. Don't kno if u know of the dieting by blood group theory. Where pple wit say,blood type O+ shud avoid certain foods wen on a diet cos their systems just can't handle such foods very well. My friends mum runs a weight loss outfit and practices that method in addition to other popular weight loss methods. Then she even offers herbal steam baths and massages. *sigh,the thins we do to lose weight!


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