Monday 7 April 2014

MY VEGAN DIARY- DAY ONE (Discovered vegans can be unhealthy too)

After thinking about going vegan as an experiment for a while I felt today was the day.

Breakfast- Breakfast was fairly easy and yummy, I had some raw broccoli dipped in hummus with a 1/5 of a grapefruit and raw some cashews. I was off to the gym post brekkie so I had a block of dark chocolate for some sugar.

Vegan Workout- I had one of my best workouts this morning and I think its too early to attribute it to having a vegan breakfast. I decided to do things a bit different by starting with 40minute cardio(hate cardio) then weights for about an hour. Felt really pumped!

Husband finds outs- Post gym I popped into Sainburys for some chickpeas, lentils and vegetables excited to make some hummus for  lunch and lentils for dinner. Only for my husband to inform me that he bought half a chicken for me for lunch...ooh sorry babe I said, I am now vegan! He laughed and said I wouldn't last as we are going to..
Nandos tomorrow (as this lady loves her chicken) and I told him there were vegan options. He thinks I am really setting myself up cause I live on eggs and chicken, well we'll see how long I last.

Lunch - For lunch I had some carrot sticks and some homemade hummus with some Nando's Peri Peri sauce and it was yummy but I was not satisfied even though  I was stuffed. Post lunch I decided to do some meal prep for the week, cos if you fail to plan you plan to fail. I made some carrot and celery bags, a bowl of hummus and my personal favourite a pot of lentils in tomato sauce.

Dinner- Had the lentils for dinner with some white rice( I usually don't eat rice but its vegan right??) and I ate so much as I did not get satisfied :(. I went to bed super stuffed with a tummy ache but still not satisfied. I was now a bit concerned about weight gain on a vegan diet and I found out that many vegan gain weight and speak of it in forums,  I wonder why the picture I often see of vegans are always skinny and super healthy looking. I also discovered there were junk food vegans and it is possible to over indulge on the diet so I decided to make better diet choices tomorrow as I am still in the battle against fat.

Wish me luck
Nemi xx


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    1. Hi Berry, I am trying this an experiment as I have read so much about the benefits and want to find out if it is as good as it sounds. Wish me luck! x


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