Monday 3 March 2014


Hello Stylistas... yes I said it! Hope you had a fabulous weekend :) I had a really long week and made a very conscious effort to relax and do nothing which was soooo good for my body.

By the way happy new month everyone! February felt like the longest month, with the wettest winter ever and flooding around Oxford; I am so happy March is here and spring is around the corner - can't wait!

A long winter, a mundane couple of months or major/minor changes in life have the tendency to Zap the Zing out of you and leave you feeling blah. If you are a celebrity or you're super wealthy this will be the perfect time to call your favourite Wardrobe Consultant or Stylist for a wardrobe/style overhaul. Have you ever wondered why most female pop stars have an alter ego or change their looks seemingly regularly? I believe that they do this to keep fans interested and remain relevant AND they change their looks or create alter-egos to express the personal evolution going on within.

As a wardrobe consultant I see this a lot, when people need help with their wardrobe most times I believe it is because they have evolved or changed as an individual and their wardrobe is still in the past  and they are left with that feeling of things being out of sync. You may not have a celebrity stylist on speed dial but your have the next best thing - 'me' - and in this article I will give you some tips to help you re-invent your style.

Read this: Before embarking on a style re-invention journey, it is important to know what your personal style is. If you are unsure or feel like its changed over the years, check out my Personal Style Quiz as it is a great foundation to build up on.


This is a very easy way to reinvent your style, the trick is for your new hair style to not be out of character and it does not have to be drastic but noticeably different. I know many people that have had the same side parting for years and the only changes they've had is a trim every now and then. Hun it is time for a change, consider changing colours for instance and if that is too drastic try going ombre. Ombre hair is trending at the moment because can work on anyone if you get the right colours for your skin tone and it makes your eye colour POP whether it is dark or light. Here are a few examples.
For Blondes
See how beautiful their eyes look, Cameron Diaz's hair is very subtle but noticeable.

Brunettes can go from Chocolate to Caramel Ombre (Jessica Biel) or Expresso to Sandy brown ombre (Ciara) 

Kate Beckinsale's subtle ombre for black or dark brunettes is my favourite, again the eyes.

 Going ombre is not the only hair option, you can go for a chop or extension for a more dramatic look just make sure it suits your personality.

Anyways folks this is it for part one in AnemiStyle's Reinvention Series, I hope it inspired you to consider making a hair change. What do you think about going ombre? I would love to hear from you.

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Have a lovely day and please join me for part 2 later in the week.

Stay Fabulous
 Nemi x x 


  1. Very informative thanks for the tip. I change hairstyles mostly because I get bored with it and just crave a new look, I think most black girls are same. Isn't it cool that we can do so much with our hair? love that!

    1. I have not changed my hairstyle in ages, Its usually center or side parting for me. I think it is about time I do something different.

  2. Weaves, wigs, braids, crochet braids, tree braids, twists, twist outs, bantu knot outs, etc - the options are limitless!

    1. I need to be brave and do something about my hair style, love your new hair style. Wish there were people around here that can do African hair well x

  3. Love this post. I've been thinking about trying ombre on my hair.


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