Tuesday 14 January 2014


While in London a while ago, I met up with some friends from college and when they found out I was staying in East London Old street to be specific, I got a "wow that's a trendy place" which I quickly disagreed with because rather than fashionable/trendy I felt majority of the so called 'cool' people around there were clones. I felt I could predict what hairstyle they'd go for, what shoes they would buy and what their interests will be. What happened to being true to yourself?

As a fashion lover and wardrobe consultant, I am always very conscious of not becoming  a clone and a slave to fashion. There are trends we see and initially go HELL NO, but in a few months we start considering it because everyone is doing it. The present bra top trend is nothing but ridiculous but after seeing a youtube look book with a girl wearing  it, and people taking it seriously I'm beginning to wonder what it means to be really fashionable.

About 9 months ago I decided to stop buy clothes and start sewing my own clothes and making do with my old clothes. Since then I have gotten the most compliments about my clothes, my style and fashion sense, while I understand that making your own clothes give you a unique edge I must admit that I don't wear my Anemistyle designs very often. So what then are the basis of these remarks?
Definately not trend or designer label or edgy/uniqueness. My best bet is a refined personal style.

Cutting back my accumulations of 'trendy' junk and making good use of my favourite items over 9 months, gave me the space and time to refine my personal style and that is what being truly fashionable/stylish is. Kate Moss is not fashionable because of her numerous magazine covers but rather her personal style during her down time like at festivals or out and about in London with skinny jeans and boots, she's refined it so much that it is really simple in theory but very stylish in reality.

So do you want to be more stylish and not be a slave to fashion? Then you need do the following.
  1. Discover your personal style
  2. Refine your personal style
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  1. This post is on point! A lot of the My Style features on Bella Naija have prompted me to ask what true style is. Certainly, these days, people think Trendy = Style, but it's really not the case. Trends come and go, they lack staying power. Style is classic and forever. Just like the dresses I got from my grandmother - beautiful and stylish back then, and now again, decades and decades later.

    1. I totally agree with you Trendy does not equal style. Loved your grandmothers dress, still can't believed she rocked that dress, thats what a call Vintage Queen!!


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