Friday 5 April 2013


Hey guys  hope you  had a good week.  This week I challenged myself by completing my workout with the most  ridiculous amount of pain. Pain that usually has me bed ridden for 2 days every month. This left me quite surprised at what the human mind and body can achieve with the right programming. Exciting!
 Anyhoo ....I had a  massive catch up session with the 'girlfriends' recently and noticed the growing trend of dissatisfaction amongst my peers. Many of us had dreams and expectations of what life would be like after university but some how many things haven't gone as planned. Over time we tend to develop a skewed view of life  by focusing on the setbacks and comparing ourselves to our peers that seem better off. This is bound to make even the luckiest person on earth feel sad and deprived.

This age of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and flipin' Instagram does not help at all, instead it encourages jealousy and envy by reminding you of how great everyone else is doing. Gosh! I used to be so jealous of people that were
posting holiday photos, food, what they were doing  because it somehow seemed  that they were having a blast while I wasn't.

 I later realised that people's lives seem exciting because they make a big deal out of the little things.  I have a friend that hated his bank job and would doodle sarcastic and funny cartoons on the train from work. They were pretty cool drawings but he didn't think much of them and would throw them out. He did this for a bit till one day he decided to make a big deal out of them. 
 First he stopped calling them doodles and started calling them illustrations, then he scanned them to his computer, added some colour and uploaded them on his blog not expecting much. People loved it, he got fans fans from all over the world, got asked to do some commissions , quit his bank job and is now a successful illustrator.
ANNIE ARE YOU OK? www.Amateur
 One of my favourite pasttime is reading the etsy success stories and I am always amazed at some of the stuff people put up for sale. There are things that quite frankly most people would take for granted but when it is highly esteemed and well presented people want it and pay lot of money for it.

This got me thinking about the key to personal success, perhaps it has something to do with making a big deal out of something  normal, highly esteeming  and presenting it with outmost class. Presenting with class make it less annoying, showy and tacky.

I recently read a book explaning the back story of famous and succesful people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and most sport stars. I realised  that the common thread in their success story is that they made a big deal out of their gifts and it opened their eyes and hearts to the opportunities around them. They took advantage of those opportunities and have acheived so much as a result.

Why have I told you all these stories? Well to inspire and motivate you, to make you realise that you already have the key to living that amazing life that you have dreamed of inside of you.
The big question now is this,  How do you  find this gift and what you can do to BIG UP YOU LIFE.  More on that next week...

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Have a wonderful weekend

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  1. Wow @ your illustrator friend! That's very inspirational.

    Funny enough, I had a similar conversation with some friends at church on Wednesday - one girl LOVES doing make-up, another guy's voice is oh-so-John-Legendary - and apart from acting, I couldn't figure out what else I'm "good at." Well except for blogging. And every now and then, I make a necklace/earring that people say they'll pay for, but I don't think I'm that good :p


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