Friday 29 March 2013


In the last few weeks, I have covered everything from discovering your Personal Style to Refining your Personal style and Grooming While all these things are important when it come to putting your best foot forward at all times and another facet that cannot be ignored is developing your INNER BEAUTY.

What does that even mean? There are many explanations of inner beauty everywhere but I understand inner beauty to be the delicious combination of self confidence, humility, optimism, kindness and passion with a generous sprinkle of smiles.

Why should you care about inner beauty, The fact that you are well put together puts you in a better place to make a difference. Well it is true that people judge you within the first 10 seconds of meeting you based on how you look. It is also true that people trust you within the first minute of starting a conversation with you. 

And what makes them trust you? Your INNER BEAUTY!

Why do I need people to trust me? The point of improving oneself inside and out is to position yourself to make an impact and bring about change in the right direction whether at work, relationship or family. When people trust you, they listen and respect you and your ideas. You are in the best position to make a positive impact.

So how do I develop this INNER BEAUTY you keep going on about? Glad you asked, I’ve put together 5 keys to help you develop your inner beauty.

  1. Smile
  2. It is viewed across cultures as a sign of friendliness, especially when greeting someone. Why not take it a step further and show some teeth, it is disarming and makes people subconsciously open.  If for some reason you don't want to smile try 'smizing'(smiling with your eyes). People can spot a fake smile and that can quickly make them distrust you so please smile and mean it.
  3.  Be Confident. Being confident is not about thinking too highly  yourself, but agreeing with the inner voice that tells you that you are beautiful, special and you enrich the lives of people around you. Most people today believe the voices in their head telling them that they are ugly, fat, boring and useless. THIS IS NOT TRUE! You are beautiful no matter your size, colour and shape. Believe that and it will enhance your inner beauty. Self loathing is as repelling as eau de skunk so STOP IT! If someone gives you a complement accept it with a smile.
  4. Be Passionate. Boring = passionless and in order make your life more exciting, live out your passion.  I can understand that most things we are passionate about tend to be expensive or so far out but every little step towards your passion will make you happier and increase your confidence. The fact that you are well and living means you have an opportunity to make an impact, so make one.
  5. Be kind. Here are some synonyms that describe the word kind; friendly, generous, warm-hearted nature, understanding, charitable, considerate, forbearing, and tolerant. Can you use any of these words to describe yourself? If yes good on you and if not get to work and you will realise that kindness opens doors quicker than you think.
  6. Be Optimistic There is something very beautiful about someone that is optimistic, they seem to carry light and joy wherever they go. We’ve all heard about that girl that lights up the room as soon as she walks in, well it is the optimism in her heart that makes that happen.

We all know that woman that is very beautiful on the outside, but very ugly on the inside because of a bad attitude, what happens over time is you barely notice her beauty because of the ugliness inside. PLEASE DON’T BE THAT WOMAN. Taking caring of yourself from the inside is very important, forgive easily, be kind and generous and do not forget to smile(with teeth).

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