Friday 19 April 2013


Hey guys its officially wedding season! The average 21-35 year old will get invited to at least two weddings this spring/summer, I know some people with around five invitations! This can really get expensive with buying outfits, presents as well as other unforeseen wedding expenses. Here are some tips that have helped me curtail my spending.

Set a budget
There is a saying that if fail to plan, you plan to fail. This applies to wedding season, you need to decide from the onset how much you want to spend on each wedding, you can increase or decrease it based on our relationship with the couple. Take it a step further by breaking it down to what you want to spend on clothes, gifts, hen dos etc.

Get in early on the gift list
 After setting your budget, get started asap on the gift list. You want to get in early so you can make a great gift choice within your budget, you do not want to end up at the last minute with a £50 toilet brush. You can also consider making the couple a customised gift, taking them out for a meal or a cool voucher you know they will love.

Re work dresses with different accessories
You might be tempted to buy a new dress for each wedding especially if the same people will be there but by getting creative with the way you style a dress,  you can get  a few different outfits out of one dress. You use accessories like blazers, colourful shrug and even your hairstyle to give you multiple looks.

 Hope these tips can help you save some money this wedding season.

Nemi xoxo


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