Monday 10 December 2012


Hey guys this will be potentially the easiest tutorial I have done. I saw some gorgeous scented teacup candles and they cost around £12 -£20 in most stores, so decided to have a stab at them.  I set myself a budget of £12 to make 5 as Christmas presents.
 They are the easiest DIY ever with a very high sense of reward at the end and ANYONE can do this. 

 Here is what you will need

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Paraffin Wax
Measuring cup
Essential Oil
Candle wicks
Candy or candle thermometer


1. Use the teacup to measure how much wax you will need, fill it your teacup just to about an inch of the top, it might seem like a lot but it melts down.

2. Pour the measured wax into a the measuring cup/bowl and place a pot of hot water and bring to boil whilst stirring gently . At this stage you can add shavings of  coloured wax crayons if you want coloured  candles.

 It takes around 10-15minutes for the wax to melt completely. Please do not leave the wax unattended. 

3.  While the wax is melting, put some glue on the bottom of the wick holder and place in the centre of the teacup

4. When the wax is all melted, leave to cool for a few minutes then use your thermometer to gauge the temperature, and once it reaches 180 degrees, add  10-15 drops of the scented oil or as  desired.  If the wax is too hot when you add the scent to it, it’ll just disperse instead of absorbing.
 P our into  the teacup and leave to cool.

Trim the excess wick and voila all done, wasn't that easy?

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