Tuesday 4 December 2012


Recently I have been thinking a lot about what to buy friends and family this Christmas. Though I love to splurge and spoil my loved ones, I want to give presents that I can afford and they would find useful and love.

There are so many gift ideas these days on TV, internet and magazines as companies are trying to get you to buy their products which could be quite overwhelming and could have you buying thoughtless presents that will end up in the Charity shop by the next Spring Clean.

I have come up with some Tips that will ensure you give the perfect gift every time.

 A Great Present is Thoughtful

When buying presents this Christmas think about the receiver a bit more than you usually would, ask your self, what would they like? Use FaceBook Like pages to find out more about their interests; think about their profession and hobbies and buy something they would enjoy. Are they always talking about baking or cooking,
then a cookbook would be perfect; you can go DIY and compile your favourite recipes and create a little booklet. To give the perfect gift you have to put yourself out there and acknowledge their personality in your gift.

The Perfect Present is Useful

This might sound vain but one of my favourite presents is a mirror. I did not have a proper mirror for doing my make-up and one of my besties got me a cute mirror with a white frame and pearls/studs in the corners (so me) and I couldn't be happier. The mirror was a just a mirror but because I needed one it made an amazing present. Be observant and find out what needs replacing, like a new bag for a friend, or a new bicycle helmet, a wine hamper for the in-laws is very useful over the holidays. Be careful about Gadget and Electricals because they are marketed to make you think you can't live without them, but you can! Don't get them something just because you like it, it is not about you! Think outside the box  and get something useful not something that will end up in the attic.

It is Affordable

Before Christmas shopping this year make a list and budget, if you don't do that already. Scour the internet to find the best deals for what you want and if you cannot afford it let it go. Think of something else to buy but if you really, really want it then you can potentially share with someone and give a joint present. Your loved ones will still love if you don't buy them the most expensive new gadgets. Get them something that says you put a lot of love, thought and effort into it and they will love it and love you more.

A Great Present is a Treat

Going for something affordable and thoughtful does not mean cheap, when buying presents think of something that will be a treat, something that will make your loved one feel spoilt. I can understand the the combination of affordable and  treat can sometimes be tricky as we might think that for something to be a treat it has to be pricey - especially for that friend that seems to have it all.  A good example could be tickets to the theatre / cinema, Nandos gift card (yes I love Nandos). Whether or not they can afford it, it is a treat and will not break the bank.

I hope these tips will help you prune your Christmas list, stick to your budget and buy the perfect gifts this Christmas

Have a lovely Christmas xxx