Friday 14 December 2012


  I love Christmas work dos, maybe it is because of the free food( I love food) and drinks and  the fact that you get to dress up, let your hair down and show your colleagues that outside of work you are have a life and a fun personality.

Picking the perfect outfit for your work Christmas party is easy, if you follow these criteria.

1, The outfit must be forgiving. You should be able to eat ,drink and chill without the dress showing off your Buddha belly
2, The outfit should show your personality. Are your fun, outgoing or quirky? Most workplaces have dress codes that you have to adhere to but at the Christmas Do you can show a bit more personality just remember to keep it classy.
3,  Say no to flesh. A work do is not the time to wear the skimpiest dress or  show too much cleavage, that's what the club is for. Choose a dress that says you are hot and you've got it going on but without a lot of flesh and look respectable.

Here are some of my favourite dresses and the figures they flatter.

  1.  This Navy Blue Chiffon dress with a gold sequin waist band is a very forgiving dress and can be worn by most  figures but an apple shaped girl will do it justice with her gorgeous boobs and toned legs.  A pear shaped girl will also do this dress justice as it will make her shoulder look wider, hides the fullness around the hips and show off her slim  waist.
  2.  This black and gold Jacquard dress is perfect for the Petite girl and ruler shaped girl as it nips the waist in and adds curves in all the right places.
  3. This body con dress with a leather panel is another dress that can suit all body types  and screams HOTTT but the hour glass girl will do it the most justice, swap the shoes for some pumps in red neutral or black for more va va voom.

 4.  This dress is sophisticated, elegant, sexy yet demure. It can suit most figures, just make your you have a flat tummy as it not super forgiving. It also says you want a pay rise ;).

5. This dress is says you wanna have fun, it is sexy and very forgiving. The dress will flatter all figures from the apple to the pear and will make a slim tall girl look like a model.

6. This dress, also available in rich maroon is perfect for the curvy girl , the nipped the waist the bow and the neckline hides every thing you want hidden and showcases your assets.

 All the dresses can be paired with some tight and boots this winter  and can be purchased at

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