Thursday 21 August 2014


Hello lovelies, hope you are having a good week and you enjoyed Part 1 of my holiday diaries.

*Day 3* we planned  to have a picnic by the Dordogne River in Vitrac but the day started out cloudy and rainy so we went to Cafe 'Le Chalet' by the river instead. We ended up having a proper meal after seeing the food #longathroat. I went for a seafood salad and it was huge and delicious, it had salmon, crab, prawns, eggs, mussels and most importantly the dressing came on the side. The guys ordered the Steak frites while and the parentals had the gizzard salad.
Seafood Salad
Cool presentation right??
Steak Chips and non existent salad just how they like it ;)!
Duck breast, goose gizzard, walnuts, and croutons on a bed of lettuce #nomnom

After lunch, we hung out by the river, the kids went for a swim while the adults worked on their tan. As for me, I took advantage of the beautiful location and had a mini shoot for my Kimono tutorial.(coming soon).

River Beach on the Dordogne

 Dordogne River beach Vitrac  #No filter


By evening the clouds were gone and it was bright and beautiful. I love to find an excuse to hit my 10000 steps a day on my fitbit and going berry picking was the perfect activity when in the country side. So I went with my niece K and we had some precious moments talking about
God's love and generosity and picking some yummy berries. We found sloe berries, white grapes, black berries and some randoms. I know some berries can be poisonous so stuck with just the blackberries, Katie then suggested we make some blackberry icrecream- sounds like a great plan.  I froze some berries and after dinner I blended them with some sugar and whipped cream and voila! Blackberry iceream!!Trust my sisters to make fun of me when I told them about the berry adventures.

Blackberries everywhere 

K picking berries

So beautiful and delicious 

*Day 4* visited the local famers market, they had lots of homegrown and regional products. It was nice but a total rip off pretty expensive. To put things in perspective, we pay £5 for 60eggs from our local grocers, here it was €15 or £12! Fair enough it was organic and well farmed.

After the farmers market everyone hung out by the pool and we had another chilled and relaxing evening together by the fire. Tomorrow we are visiting the 'MONKEY FOREST! Can't wait to tell you all about it. See you in Part 3

Love Nemi xx

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