Monday 18 August 2014


So its DAY1 in France with the family *Big Brother voice*, had a pretty smooth  flight from London Stansted however an error I made at the airport resulted in an "uncomfortable" day. I am lactose intolerant but every now I then I let myself have a little bit of dairy. An hour before the flight was the worst time to use a flat white for a caffeine fix...

When we arrived at the house, my nieces ran down the drive waving excitedly in their cute maxi dresses and when I got out the car one of them she ran up to me and yelled "NEMI YOU ARE SO SKINNY"!  That was the best thing anyone could say as the flat white made me so bloated and I felt like a whale.

My wonderful mother-in-law had a yummy basket of goodies waiting for us in our room #amazing

It was dinner time shortly after we arrived and we had a tasty barbecue,  though I could not eat much due to the flat white incident #gutted.

DAY 2- Feeling so much better and rested, but it was raining outside so decided to do some exercise and K(niece) suggested some aerobics - splendid! We started with a Blogilates 'Call me maybe squat challenge' (Total killer btw).

Then a Denise Austen full body aerobics session after which K left so I did some resistance training and crazy dancing to Beyonce and Shakira(best way to get your cardio IMO).

For lunch we walked to the nearest village 20minutes away; the local bar/restaurant Escapades had been bought by a French lady and her Australian husband. There were some new exciting things
on the menu like a Kangaroo burger that tasted suspiciously like beef! #Sneaky

Walking through the hilly village of Carlux

Famous Kangaroo burger with Onion rings

Post lunch everyone went for a swim while I went for a nap. Yeah yeah yeah anti-social behaviour, I know but I was physically exhausted. We had another BBQ for dinner later, then roasted marshmallows and hung out  round the fire.

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Have great week
Love N


  1. Sounds lovely and the village looks so quaint! Looking forward to the next part x

    1. It is really quaint and beautiful :), miss the peaceful life already. x


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