Friday 25 July 2014


Hello lovelies, hope you have had a wonderful week. I got into a few deep conversations this week and realised that every now and then most people need a bit of encouragement. 
I want to use the blog as a platform to encourage someone today. 

We all have dreams or goals we want achieve and at some point in this journey of life, we go through seasons when everything around us makes doubt if we will ever accomplish those dreams. If you are going through one of those seasons, this post is for you. 

I have gone through a few of those season and here are 5 things that helped me.

1. Read success stories: Reading about real life success stories some how gave me hope during those seasons, there is something about a rags to riches story that made me believe that if it happened for them it could happen for me. has a series on their blog called "I quit my day job" about people that left full time employment to follow their dreams, they talk about the good, bad and everything in-between- worth reading.

2. Review your progress:  Seeing your progress tends to be quite hard for people as they are so focused on their goals and why it is taking so long. Sometimes looking how far you have come will make you realise that you have come too far to quit, you can never win the race if you give up.

3. Refresh your goals: Perhaps you need a little positive re-enforcement why not refresh your goals by breaking them into little chunks and rewarding yourself after completing each stage.

4. Restore your faith in yourself: Re-program your thinking and remember all the great things about yourself. Everyone has strengths and weakness; focus on your strengths and learn how to manage your weakness, ask for help if necessary.

5. Persevere: Ok this does not start with an 'R' but I could not leave it out! Perseverance is key when trying to achieve a goal, as results do not come overnight. From my experience results always seem to come after a bit of patience, endurance and persistence - so hang in there!

Hope this encourages someone today
Nemi xx


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