Monday 28 July 2014


Hello everyone hope you had a wonderful weekend. Matt was away working this weekend and  I decided, what better way to spend the weekend than to throw a slumber party. I rang up a couple of friends and invited them over for some girly fun.

 I was tempted have the usual slumber party snacks of marshmallow,chocolates, crisps and alcohol  but opted for a healthier option of crudités, sweet potato crisps, hummus, pitta bread, ham, cheese and grilled chicken on skewers. They loved it phew!!

Grilled Chicken on Skewers

Apple and crunchy peanut butter


After dinner, we did some baking with Shakira and Beyonce blasting in the background . One of my friend got this apple cake recipe of the internet and WE made a mistake of adding too much baking soda and you can guess what happened-
CAKE EXPLOSION! The cake went all over the oven so we decided to call it a night with the baking :).

We then watched Zoolander, I forgot how funny the movie is. I also did not realise how many famous people are in the movie and how Ben Stiller had his mom, dad and wife in the movie, pretty cool.

On Saturday I made some cakes for a friend's leaving party, as usual wanted to go over board with the baking but decided to keep it simple with 2 Chocolate fudge cakes and a lemon drizzle cake with lemon cream. I made a mini cake for the 'house' and it was delish!

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Yummy Cakes
By Sunday I was pretty tired, had to be up quite early for rehearsals as Matt and I were in the worship band, after church you would not guess where we went to Nandos( no surprise there), spent the rest of the day doing some hardcore chillin'.

 All in all it was a fantastic weekend and every now and then you need to get your favourite girlies together for a good catch up.

 Hope you have a good and productive week


  1. That's fun. Love cakes

  2. The cakes do look yummy! Slumber parties are always fun too. Looks like a pretty weekend :)

  3. I want the cakes, see you had a great weekend.


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