Wednesday 16 July 2014


Morning lovelies, wanted to share a quick diet tip with you. For many years I have been trying to find the perfect breakfast that will keep me energised and satisfied till my next refuel(lunch). I tried different combinations of yoghurt, fruit, cereal, smoothie, toast, oats but nothing works for my body as great as good ol' eggs does.

My diet advice for you today is love your body and take the time to find out what your body likes and what gives you the most energy especially for breakfast cos if you get your breakfast right you will get your day right.

So how do you go about finding this out?
Easy, experiment and journal. Try different variations and write down how you feel and what you eat for the rest of the day. For instance you could start with cereal on Monday and toast and peanut butter on Tuesday and so on.

I created a table you can download for free HERE with the right questions to help you. After filling these questions for a week, you should have an idea about what works for you.

I would love to know your results, feel free to leave your comments below

Have a great day
Love Nemi xx

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