Friday 21 March 2014


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have had a lovely week, I have been quite poorly this week but thankfully recovering quickly :).

I often envy people with a fast metabolism because it seems like they can eat all they want without gaining a pound while I feel like I can gain 5 pounds just by walking past a pastry shop. Anyways I have been trying to find a natural solution to this problem of a 'not so fast metabolism' not so that I can over indulge but so that my body does not resort to storing food as fat as easily.

In the last few weeks I made a few changes with great results, am I on to something? Here is what I did.


In the last few weeks I've been drinking warm water with Lemon and Chilli powder before every meal not for weight loss but because I like it. Anyone that spends 5 minutes with me will notice my addiction to chilli powder. I like it on every thing from popcorn to chocolate; when the idea of adding half a teaspoon to my morning lemon drink came to mind I decided to try it and realised I actually liked the taste. Drinking this creates a thermic effect and help you process fat better instead of just storing them.  It does not have to be lemon or chilli it could be apple cider vinegar and cinnamon or ginger, basically an alkaline drink like lime juice, lemon, apple cider vinegar and a hot spice like cinnamon, ginger, chilli etc. The downside to drinking this is that you will wee ALOT!


While I am not against intense physical training like weight lifting, sprinting or circuits I have noticed that for my body, walking was the most effective exercise and got me closer to my physical goals than any other exercise programs. I believe that it also increased my metabolism and helped my body utilise food better. I try to walk at least 30minutes every day and maybe a 10k on the weekend.  This is a model secret, they walk everywhere!

I saw this tip on a website and decide to try to it, basically they said eating a raw fruit or vegetable helps your body metabolise food easily and when you have it before every meal prepares your body do the same for what you are about to it. If you want to take it a step further you can have on raw meal a day. I had carrots before lunch and dinner and had great results.

Do you have a slow-ish metabolism, what have you tried to help speed it up and what has worked. I would like to hear from you.
Have a lovely weekend

Nemi xoxo

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  1. I do not have a slow metabolism, I have zero metabolism :). everything I eat gets stored straight away!
    I could do the lemon in water but not sure I would like the taste with chili, I'll try lemon in water with some ginger.
    walking is great! unfortunately in Nig we drive everywhere, very few walkable spaces.
    thanks for sharing.


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