Saturday 4 January 2014


In previous posts I have said that Autumn is my favourite season because of the beautiful colours, cosy weather and lovely fashion. I dislike Winter for similar reasons, no lovely colours, more cold than cosy and when it comes to fashion most people, including me, choose warmth over style as you can't have both right??

Well maybe you can, here are 5 tips on keeping warm and stylish in this winter.

1. Layer stylishly

    a.  Start with a dark and fitted under layer. Like dark jeans, leggings or tights with a fitted top or fitted dress for a slimming silhouette. Neutral colours like black, grey and cream make layering easier.

    b.  Add your next layer, preferably in a complimenting colour and neckline - remember to keep it simple with your colours.

    c.  Mix different fabrics to create texture like a denim shirt under a wool blazer or jumper is very fashionable at the moment.

    d.  Add a structured top layer like a coat, or add a belt to a less structured top layer.

TIP: You probably know this already, but a little trick I use is layering with multiple 10 deniers tights; they are perfect if you want to wear a short dress or skirt and don't want to go down the thick chunky tights route. They give a more slimline look and you feel a lot warmer. Remember to wear the nudes first and end with a dark colour.

In summary, to layer effectively start with a lightweight fitted under layer first, then a mid-weight middle layer, and finally a structured top layer.

2. Cape and Coats

Winter style is all about covering up and winter capes and coats are the perfect cover-ups. When choosing your winter coat go for quality as you want something sturdy, warm and with a great cut. This is very important and it also it polishes up your look. I personally recommend having winter coats in 3 colours to mix things up and to avoid looking like a black coat clone.  For colours I recommend a dark colour, a pale colour and bright pop of colour.

I am an unrepentant cape lover, initially I hated them and thought they were just another passing fad until
my housemate bought one that was quite big for her so I tried it on and the rest is history. I felt like I was walking around with a cosy blanket on my shoulders that looked elegant and stylish with little or no effort. In fact it was my laziest options as all you need to look amazing was a cape and some knee-high boots; it is also perfect for hiding any post christmas weight gain! ;)

3. Shoes and Boots

Winter boots are a must, they keep your feet toasty and have you looking great again with little effort. When choosing a winter boot ensure it suits your lifestyle - if high heels are not for you, go for flat, knee-high or ankle boots instead; remember that boots are made for walking so... make sure you can walk in them.

Also consider getting them a half size larger to allow room for thicker socks in the Winter. For comfort and  lifestyle consider the heel, chunkier heels are better for all day wear while slimmer heels are better for going out.

4. Hats and Head-warmers 

The U.S Army field manual used to claim that 40%-50%  of body heat gets lost from the head, so keeping the head warm definitely makes a difference on a freezing day.There are so many hats and head-warmers available these days to suit all styles and personalities. Whether you like warm and cosy, chic, or luxurious there is something for you so go on and express yourself.

5. Scarves and Stoles

These are one of my favourite winter items as they can be used to dress up or dress down an outfit.  A perfect example is wearing a knitted scarf for coffee with the girls and swapping to a fur stole for a night out. When choosing a scarf or stole, go for quality, warmth, pattern and colours to add some variety to your wardrobe.

And finally some accessories

 They will not necessarily keep you warm but they definitely complete the look. My personal favourite is a pair of winter sunglasses, there is something about them that just look cool; especially when paired with a hat.

 That is it from me for now. I would love to hear your thoughts and tips so please leave a comment below. 

Hope these tips will help you to keep warm and stylish this winter.

Stay fabulous!

Nemi xx

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