Thursday 2 January 2014


I recently read an article on IFB on 52 Blogging 'To dos' in 2014 and it was quite inspiring. I have not been very efficient with my blogging and when I get super busy with life it kinda takes a back seat and I would like to change that this year. I have taken a few things from their to do list that I believe will make me a better blogger.

  1. Start leaving MORE blog comments…
  2.  … and start responding to your own blog comments.
  3. Share your point of view and opinion in your posts regularly -  even if they’re unpopular. 
  4.  Attend a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog conference.
  5. Take the first step… contact a brand you love about getting on their press list, working together, or send them a recent feature.
  6. Check your blog analytics, and understand what they mean.
  7.  Learn how to build your media kit. (Already got one? UPDATE IT!)
  8.  Email a blogger you respect next time you have a question about blogging.
  9.  Learn the basics of SEO – what does it mean? How does it work?
  10. Decide which social media tools are actually beneficial to your site… set them up and get posting! (Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Beaucoo… or something entirely else!)
  11.  Learn the basics of great photography (and learn what NOT to do to your photos).
  12.  Pick up photo editing software, and learn the basics to make your photos clear, crisp, and bright!
  13. Email a regular reader and commentor and thank them for their support.
  14.  Write a mission statement for your site.
  15. Figure out what your blog’s niche is.
  16. Commit yourself to a realistic blogging schedule.
  17. Write a guest post for another blogger…
  18.  And seek out guest posts for your own site! (This is especially great if you’re traveling, moving, or have big life changes happening.)
  19.  Take a course, a Skillshare class, or utilize other opportunities to learn a new skill.
  20.  Set attainable, incremental goals for your site (ie. receive 5 comments on this post. Reach 100 visitors a day regularly.)
  21.  Once you’ve reached those goals? Set new ones. Rinse & repeat!
  22.  Pick up a few good books about blogging, writing and fashion!
  23.  Write a post around the IFB Project’s Theme of the week!
  24.  Revitalize your site! Add in a new logo or background, change out your blog colors. Consolidate from 2 sidebars to 1, or expand.
  25.  Start posting a weekly roundup of articles and links you’ve loved online. Share OTHER bloggers’ posts!
  26.  Experiment with content – create a list post (like this one!), a how-to, a DIY.
  27.  Develop a routine… maybe you only get on Twitter at lunch. You blog after dinner. Figure out your best natural rhythm and work it to your advantage!
  28. Make (or update) your business cards!
  29. Diversify your blog reading! We aren’t one-dimensional bloggers. Add non-fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs to your reading list… whether your other loves include films, food, or baby animals! It’s a great change of scenery.
  30.  Make your personality shine online – in your blog and all of your social media!Make and update the pages on your blog: be sure your “About” page reflects who you are today (not last year), that your “Advertising” page reflects current rates, and that your “Contact” page…. well, actually has ways to contact you!
Wish me luck guys!!

Stay Fabulous
Love Nemi xx


  1. I really love this post. very educative and and informative. thanks for stopping by my blog. love your blog, Would you like us to follow each other?

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