Wednesday 25 December 2013


Hey everyone, just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a very wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. Christmas is best enjoyed in the company of loved ones and children  definitely enhance the experience. My niece said she saw Santa last night when he dropped off her presents and the joy and excitement in the room when we opened our presents was just incredible - only children have the power to do that.

The reason for Christmas is a child that was given to the world a very long time ago and this birth brought us Salvation and the Eternal life; if that is not a reason to celebrate I don't know what is.

As you celebrate Christmas this year be childlike, believe in miracles, be happy about the good in your life and celebrate the people in your life, no matter how annoying they can be sometimes.

Again have a wonderful Christmas 
 A fabulous New Year.

Love Nemi x

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