Saturday 15 September 2012


1, Eat eggs for breakfast... keeps you fuller for longer and if you chuck the yolks out you reduce the calories by over 80%!(bet you didn't know that).

2, Drink 1 pint of warm water and lemon first thing in the morning and 2 hrs before bed.

3, Get skipping. Jumping rope is a great interval workout that hits your entire body, try jumping for 30 secs resting for 30secs 5-10times. 3 days a week.

4, Substitute sugar with xylitol. It is one of the best and healthiest sugar substitutes out there just don't use too much at a time.

5, Snack on almonds. Almonds are reasonably cheap, and contain good healthy fats that keep your stomach flat.

6, Weight train. You build muscles that increase your metabolism, burns fat and it is the fastest way to get toned.

7, When you crave something naughty like a bar of chocolate or crisps, split it in 2 and share or get rid of the other half.

8, Have one meal a day without carbs, best meal for that is dinner. Try this 2-4 times a week

9, Fiber reduces the impact of carbs so eat more fiber. For a list of high fiber foods follow this link.

10, Wear less around the house, this sounds crazy but it works read this article find out more.

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