Friday 14 September 2012


I have met far too many people who complain of going in for a trim to the hair dressers and ending up with a chop! I've always wondered what they were doing while the 'scissor happy' hairdresser was taking advantage of their hair in the name of 'split ends'. I recently realised that some people are afraid of their hair dressers or maybe I should say they are afraid to demand what they want.

Look guys if you are going to take time our of your schedule and pay someone to trim your hair, you need to be extremely explicit to how you want it done, take photo's of hairstyles and length that you want and tell them you will not be happy if it is shorter than what you desire. Some of them might not be happy with this but what would you rather have an unhappy you for at least two months or an unhappy hair dresser for 5mins. Your choice!

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