Tuesday 8 May 2012

What to wear on a rainy day or an unpredictable weather

In England there is something known as the 'English weather' by 'English weather' I mean grey skies, unpredictable weather, showers, hail and sunny spells all mixed together and most times it is downright depressing.
While being stylish will probably be the least of your worries, it can help boost your mood because looking good is feeling good.

So here are some of my favourite English weather tips.
  1. Get a nice, good fitting Mac
    Macs are stylish, they don't go out of fashion and they will keep you relatively dry( from your shoulders down). These days they come in many colours and styles but a traditional trench will stand the test of time.
  2. Pull your hair back
    Not the 'Croydon facelift' but a loose bun, this style is glam, fab and weather proof. Here is how to do the perfect loose bun

  3. Wear dark coloured trousers
    The last thing you want is wet patches on your trousers and with dark trousers the wet patches are not visible.
  4. Wear a bright coloured scarf
    A bright coloured scarf on a grey day brings light to your face and brightens your outfit especially if you are wearing a neutral coloured Mac.

    Theodora and Callum Scarf
  5. Neutral Make-up and strong lips

    When it is raining the last thing you want is panda eyes due to water smudge and yes I am aware of water proof make-up but I believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Wearing a bare face or neutral eye make-up with strong lips keeps you looking fresh, clean and fab all day.

    Finally people don't forget your umbrella just in case it pours!!

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