Friday 27 April 2012


I come up with lots of crazy theories that drive my friends and family crazy. One of them is how people that have a lot of sex have female babies and people that have sex once in a while have boys( I know it is silly) but who knows I may be up to something.

My latest theory is that people that wear less around the house are less likely to put on weight. I remember being in boarding school and girls parading around the dormitory with little skirts, shorts and what not, at the end of the term these girls maintained their weights or even lost some. I also noticed that people that wore a lot of baggy sweat pants or clothes that hid their body were bigger at the end of the term.

 As an ex serial dieter I have been looking into ways to lose or maintain a healthy weight with out resorting to fad diets. I remembered this and decided to try it, so I got out my little crop shorts and a tank top and at first I felt so weird, I saw all my flaws and though I was upset I told myself it was my body, after a short while I got comfortable and by the end of the day I was ok.

The next day was a lot easier, I got comfortable with seeing my body( I have way too much mirrors) and generally felt a lot better. Another thing I noticed was my increased awareness of what I put  in my mouth and though it did not stop me snacking, I found myself snacking healthily and making better choices.

It is just week one and I feel better and I am learning to accept and love my body and I am looking forward to the long term results.