Tuesday 3 April 2012


 I love the song Gravity by John Mayer but I can't help of thinking about gravity taking its toll on my body(I know its not related in anyway to the song).
There is something that happens in your mid to late twenties, your body changes in shape and in where fat chooses to deposit itself. What happens after that is you feel fat even though the scale tells you otherwise. You also lose the natural body tone you had in your teens and early twenties and our friend GRAVITY pulls everything down.

I am going on a quest to reverse these changes by helping my body out. As we age our bodies can't do a lot of things it used to so we need to love and care for it more. Here are some things you can do to love and help your body.
  1.  Drink more water.
  2. Take multivitamins(Extremely important).
  3. Adapt a healthier lifestyle (Do not get into fad diets as they damage your body muscle tone and skin on the long run, I was on Atkins a while ago and have stretch marks to show as I lost weight too quickly).
  4. Weight train (This is the fountain of youth).
  5. Add  cardio to your daily routine, by walking, taking the stairs etc
Women's health  did an article on Strenght training vs Cardio
 Here are the winners

To burn fat and keep it of = Weight train
To fight stress = Cardio
To love standing naked in front of the mirror= Weight train
To spend less time recovering from sports related injuries= Weight train
To add years to your life= Cardio


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