Thursday 9 October 2014


Hello everyone long time no see! Hope you are having a great week, I had a super busy weekend and had to play catch up this week hence the late post.

So what have I been up to lately?

Car Shopping

Le hüsband and I spontaneously decided to do some car window shopping, we are looking to get a new car next year and wanted to find out what is out there.  We had 4 criteria in mind for the car, German engine, affordable, looks 'mean' and has got 'beans'. We visited the Audi, Mercedes and BMW showrooms. I bet you can tell which car I want from the photos...
Really liked the Mercedes show room... lots of niiice cars
This is the new CLA so sleek eh!
The front grills are sooo mean!!
Nice one 
Ok I don't understand the mirror/aluminium effect...interesting looking though

The new BMW 2 series hatchback- Cool!

I think this is the X3, pretty cool but not too exciting
BMW updated their 1 series and it looks really good especially the  interior-sorry no pics

I think Mercedes ruined everything for us because after visiting their well lit sexy showroom, BMW and Audi just looked boring. 

I learnt a few things from this car shopping experience, like how handbrakes and keys are outdated and they don't put them in new cars anymore, most new cars have automatic braking if get  too close to the car in front of you to avoid an accident, some cars can parallel park for you...yes the car steers itself and everything. My favourite feature though in the Mercedes is the automatic seat adjuster with memory, basically you adjust the seat to your liking and save it and the next time you are in the car the seat can be adjusted from memory- you can store up to 3 different settings is that cool or what?!



Any one that has spent more than 5 minutes with me will know I am a big time foodie, so when heard of the Bitten food festival coming to Oxford I was excited and was not going to let this pass me by. Anyhoo when the Saturday arrived I went there only to be met with 5 overpriced food vans and a bicycle, I was honestly dissappointed not sure what I was expecting but when you hear food 'festival you expect  a bit more right? 

Pizza Van
Cup cake bike- This is so cute....Like!

Cocktail Van

Greek food van 


Chicken Sunday 

On Sunday we kept our tradition alive by going to Nandos (#NandosSunday and got a free whole chicken! 

Selfie time :)- smizing 

Retail therapy at Bicester Village

Post-chicken we decided to take trip the Bicester Village a designer outlet shopping village about 20 minutes from Oxford. I was surprised at how busy it was I think it is the busiest I have seen it, some shops had queues outside with 'bouncers' and had a one in-one out rule it was crazy and so were the sales!

You know how you go shopping sometimes you don't find anything you like or that anything fits? Well that was what happened to me, it was one of those shopping days... sigh. Le hüsband on the other hand was winning all around, he found this gorgeous blazer that fit him like a sexy glove! ha

Tweed-tastic Love it!

People queuing to get into Michael Kors
Presently loving these Michael Kors bags 
Gorgeous colours 

So pretty!

The Ralph Lauren queue was the longest- did not have the patience to queue
Was kinda tempted by these Jack Wills trousers till I tried them on- Not me at all


Police station 

After the shopping trip we headed off to church, while we were parking we saw people fighting- I didn't have my glasses on so I barely saw anything. After church there were police cars and forensics everywhere and they asked us to go to the police station and give a statement without telling us what had happened. We willing obliged as we thought we barely saw anything and it would only take a few minutes... WRONG! It ended up taking almost 2 hours with lots of waiting time and we got home so late we barely had time for food and had to go to bed. This seriously ruined the nice night in, that we had planned... oh well lesson learned.

That is how my weekend went, how was yours?

Nemi xx


  1. sounds like such a fun weekend!! Must say, the CLA Class would break necks like dayummm!! lol

  2. oh wow i love that mercedes and geez so cars can now park themselves shockers we are living in an intresting world.

  3. I'm not really into cars but DAAAAAAAAANG, I want the mirror effect Benz!!!

    Nice weekend you had - minus the police statements :p

    You guys are so cute!

  4. I Love Bicester for the shopping, great place!

  5. So u didnt get any designer stuff at discounted prices? Meanwhile i didnt kno u wear glasses :) like me
    U both had fun as usual. Sorry abt how it ended though!


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