Monday 1 September 2014


Hello everyone hope you have enjoyed the holiday diaries series, I know my mom did ha! I will be rounding up the holiday diaries with our visit to Domme (a beautiful town on the Dordogne River set 250meters above sea level) on their market day and a wonderful dinner we had later that evening.


Domme market day, those guys gave me some free Tapenade to take home ;) #yum
Like these bracelets 
The view from the Domme Village square


L'Hostellerie de BĂ©quinolles

Booked a table in the restaurant for a family dinner and this is officially my best restaurant experience. The food was incredible, the LAMB was insane slow cooked for 7 hours, melts in your
mouth and oh the have to try it to believe it!! The atmosphere was great, staff were attentive without being overbearing. They prepared a table on the terrace for us(in the presence of my enemies ha) and as the evening went on it got a bit cooler, we were blown away when the hostess showed up with fleeces to keep warm and offered us a table inside. She did not stop there, when we could not get a taxi, she drove us home!!!  This was soooo worth it!!
Appetiser and bread basket, we had 3 refills!

My Starter- Fois gras, Duck gizzard Salad with goats cheese ice-cream. It was weird but it worked and was soo tasty.

Matt's Starter was an Omelette and side salad

Dave had some sort of Honey Cheese pastry and a salad to Start

Main- Vegetable Crumble with Lamb, the lam was cook for 7hrs and was so tender you could eat it with a spoon!

Dessert- Chocolate Fondant with Caramel Centre

Dessert-  Mixed Berry Bavarois

Had a wonderful summer and beautiful memories with my new family can't wait  for the next family reunion Love these guys!
Family xxx


  1. Awwww. Thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday experiences!


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