Friday 5 September 2014


According to the Oxford Dictionary a "Foodie" is a person with a particular interest in food; most foodies have a refined palate and appreciate different flavours and cuisines which opens them up to a lot of unhealthy foods from duck-fat fried French potatoes, butter and sugar filled desserts, to deep-fried Mars bars aka heart stopper (Seriously who invented that?!?).  I am a full time foodie and have struggled in the past with maintaining my weight whilst enjoying delicious delicacies. Over the years after many trials and errors, I have discovered that it is not an impossible task to balance the two and if you follow some pretty straight forward tips you can 'have your cake and eat it'.

***Disclaimer: These tips are what worked for me and I understand everyone is different so apply with a teaspoon of wisdom.

In order to be a "healthy size" foodie, it is important to make a commitment to healthy living. I believe this is key to managing your weight whilst enjoying and trying out new foods. The commitment to healthy living will influence the food choices you make and help you realise that some things are not worth trying out (deep fried Mars bars).
Le Hüsband and I love our food, Matt has a refined palate and appreciates different flavours and one of our favourite past time is trying out new restaurants and different cuisines. We made a conscious decision to eat clean and to be committed to a healthy lifestyle to ensure that our love of food didn't result in excessive weight gain. We avoid processed food and try cook healthy meals from scratch everyday. This commitment to healthy living influences the food choices we make each day, we generally go out to eat on the weekend and indulge but at home it is good clean fresh food and contrary to what people think clean eating can be as tasty, flavourful and delicious - you just need to put in the time in the kitchen


...or do a physical activity you enjoy for at least 20 minutes a day. When I was on holiday recently, and could not leave the house due a thunderstorm, I put on some Beyonce and danced my butt off while channeling my inner Sasha Fierce (I'm certain I looked like a pro.... OK I probably looked crazy) and when I synced my Fitbit (activity tracker) I realised that dancing to one 4 minute song was the equivalent of around 500 steps! 

Great leg workout by the way!

If dancing is not your thing then maybe walking or running is, the important thing is that you
enjoy it and can commit to doing it CONSISTENTLY.

...and practice some portion control! I love cooking and I'm always experimenting in the kitchen, I try to make the habit of splitting meals into 2 or 3 portions and saving them for later. I find that by doing that I truly savour every bite and I don't constantly stuff my self. I recently started splitting my dinner into 2 portions and saving the other half for the late evening munchies.

This is so important and something I have struggled with. In the past I would 'eat well' Monday to Friday then have a BINGEFEST on Saturday and Sunday #YOLO, undo my progress and start again on Monday #Circleofdoom. I recently saw the light after going on a vegan challenge, Vegans won't eat meat or any animal product and even on cheat days they stay committed to the lifestyle. If you have made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle your cheat meals should reflect that commitment. Have a cheat meal (rather than cheat day) every now and then, don't count calories but choose wisely.
One of my favourites Jollof rice and grilled chicken with plantain


...since it is the only one you've got! Your body is an amazing, intuitive piece of machinery and if we obeyed our bodies or even treated it the way we treat our electronic devices most people would be healthier. When your computer is sluggish, most times it is because your have so many programs running or a virus and it needs a restart and good clean right?
 Same goes for your body if your are feeling sluggish perhaps you have been eating the wrong foods and need a detox. Also if your phone is going flat you charge it back up, likewise if you're feeling overly tired the chances are that you need a good long sleep. Computers, phones and tablets have apps to enhance your experience so does your body. Eating the right foods can have dramatic results in your health, moods and general wellbeing. 

Foods that improve your mood

It is important to listen to your body and give it the right foods, nutrients and rest for it to function optimally.

These tips above have helped me to maintain my weight and a healthy lifestyle whilst being a full time foodie, hope they help you too.

Love Nemi xx

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