Monday 21 July 2014


Hello lovelies hope you had a wonderful weekend. I generally enjoy doing nothing and recuperating on the weekends but this weekend was quite busy and fun.

On Friday evening, we went for a lovely meal at Gee's restaurant in Oxford, it was my first time there and the food was amazing. Matt ordered a good ol' rib eye steak while I went for a whole sea bass and went all Naija on the fish eating eye. Wish they made a bit more effort with the side salad though. I love salads and hate when restaurants just throw a few leaves in a plate and call it a salad (#rantover).

We then went to see the new Tranfomers age of extinction and loved it, I am a huge fan of Mark Wahlberg and Matt and I placed a bet on how many minutes into the movie before he takes he shirt off, I said 10 and Matt 20mins. Well people it took exactly 32minutes and 7 secs and it was impressive :). I am a huge fan of action blockbusters and the movie delivered, I was appalled however by the blatant and shameless product placement throughout. I mean huge bus with VICTORIA SECRET on the side in the centre of Hong Kong or a transformer crashing into a car and Light Budweiser exploding everywhere and Marky Mark being thirsty at exactly that moment, or the protein powder they got from the shops cos they could not buy food ....really people really?
In all the movie was fun and we had a blast.

On Saturday, like clockwork it was gym, then Matt decided to refuel at Nandos on Cowley road and you would not believe they were out of chicken!!!!! Is that even possible? They were also out of side dishes as well, apparently the delivery did not show up. They should have just shut the restaurant for a day in my opinion. Anyways thankfully they had some much needed chicken in the city centre branch phew!

Later that evening we went to a wedding evening party with Matt's work colleagues and it was pretty fun, did the cha cha, macarena and all the usual wedding moves. 

#RobinThicke  Selfie 

Had a pretty chilled Sunday watching Devious maids, experimenting in the kitchen and worshiping God at church. 
That is how my weekend went ya'll, wishing you beautiful people a very good and productive week.

N x


  1. u had such a lovely weekend :) Gosh!!! the meals **eye popping :)

  2. You look gorgeous in those pics Nemi - love your hair like that! Sounds like an amazing weekend. Hmm, I've been holding back on watching the new transformers because they keep coming out with so many parts.. feels like it's starting to get old now. I'll probably check it out anyway! xx

    1. Thanks Tomi its a pretty cool movie very long though, went to the cinema and 8pm and did not leave till midnight! xx

  3. Wow. This is my first visit to your site and I must say, it's lovely. Here's my site url can I reblog some of your articles? Here's my contact 08071589793

    1. Thanks Ruth, sure you can reblog with reference ;). Will contact you soon.

  4. i think this is my fave post of urs so far. u had so much fuuun! i liked transformers too. watched it with the boo 2 weekends ago. and that robin thicke pic! hahahahahahaha! and nandos out of chicken? that's so hilarious loooool. anyway i am waiting to hear from u as regards our email conversation.

    1. Thanks Fola glad you liked it. I did not realise it was a Robin Thicke till later glad someone got the joke ;). Check your inbox x

  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ the Robin Thicke selfie!!!! You guys are so cute!

    Girl, when we watched Transformers, I was yelling, clapping, stomping my feet. I LOVE the Transformers and secretly wish Optimus Prime and Bumblebee were my friends in real life! Sooooooooooo much product placement, I agree. I just kept shaking my head, it wasn't subtle in the least!

    Great post!


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