Friday 24 January 2014


Healthy eating results!!
Hello lovelies, hope you have had a good week. I have had a pretty busy week and I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get things done. This year instead of going down the "New Year's Resolution" road I have decided to make some lifestyle changes like going to bed a bit earlier so I wake up at 6am and have more hours in the day or taking some time every day to meditate and to stop dieting!

Deciding to stop dieting was a big deal for me as I am a diet queen, I am not naturally slim so I have been on many diets to help control my weight. Post wedding and honeymoon I packed on a sweet 10 pounds and was desperate to lose it. For the first time most diets did not give me the quick results I wanted so I started counting calories like a maniac and limiting my intake to around 800cals a day with  1.5hrs workouts sessions. The result were migraines, irritability and a massive BINGE on day 4, I have never really binged before so I was surprised when I felt this need to eat everything and anything. I even sneaked out of bed when my husband was asleep at 1am and ATTACKED a jar of NUTELLA! This was a new low for me :(.

I woke up the next morning and decided not to beat myself up or starve instead I decided to make a lifestyle change so that it does not happen again. I decide to stop dieting, restricting any food groups or counting calories. I was apprehensive what if I do this and put on a lot of weight? Then remembered the words of Jamie Eason(fitness model and coach) trust your body, treat it right and it will let go of the fat. Sounds quite simple but I did it,  I started eating carbs and it gave me sustained energy during long walks and I ate smaller but frequent meals up to 5 times a day and it worked I've lost 4.8lbs and I have 2.6lbs to go!!!
Breakfast- Eggs Rockets and Sweet potatoes

Weekend Lunch- Steak and Rocket salad with parmasean

I am quite happy about this lifestyle change and I to encourage you to love,  trust your body and say NO to fad diets.
 Have you made any lifestyle changes this year? I would love to hear about it and let us encourage each other to be best version of ourselves.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Nemi xo


  1. You are so right. Life style changes are more sustainable and healthy. The key is taking in every food group in moderation.

    1. You are so right and so far the results are slow steady and I am making great progress. Thank you for your comment.x

  2. I am trying! I think meal preps really help. A lot of times, I eat whatever I see and because I don't prepare ahead of time, I end up making poor food choices.

  3. I am in the same yoyo diet/ eating boat. Sometimes i just want to feel full and then end up regretting it afterwards... lol and other times I become so calorie obsessed that i limit my intake exceedingly, which is not healthy i suppose . BUT! change has to happen, no more yoyo-ing

    1. Totally agree, No more yoyo-in myself included. Perhaps having a stable and sustainable eating plan helps..?


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