Friday 10 May 2013


 Hello stylets! I am back after a little break I took to focus a bit more on my collection. I did some soul searching and caught up with a few friends. I noticed a growing trend of frustration among my peers with this journey of life.  I am a natural fixer and encourager, and immediately started looking for solutions or pain killers to help us reach our destination.

 I was reminded today about the biggest exodus ever when the Israelites left Egypt for the promise land. God promised them this amazing country overflowing with the best of everything: animals, crops, land, water etc. They were very excited when they started the journey, but a few months later reality set in, they looked around and all they saw was desert and they felt stuck! In theory all their needs were being met, they had manna, shelter, water (from the rock) and let's not forget they were free from slavery. Yet they grumbled and were unhappy because they did not know how long the journey was going to take, where their next meal/water was going to come from, or if they would be able to defeat the obstacles that stood in their way.

 The story of the exodus is what life feels like for many young people these days. You leave university with the hope of a good job, maybe meet a nice guy, buy a house and live happily ever after yada, yada, yada... Your reality is more like this: you are in a job you hate or a job you love but with RUBBISH pay, you only meet complete LOSERS when it comes to guys or you like guys that never LIKE YOU BACK, and as for buying a house the ridiculous PROPERTY PRICES makes it feel so far fetched.

 With our dreams not aligning with reality, how do we carry on without letting depression, anxiety or hopelessness take root in your heart? Here are 4 simple things to do when you feel stuck and they will help move you to the next level.

Read success stories
My favourites are the "Quit my day job" blog series on Etsy. I often get discouraged with the level of growth in my business since I started and reading about people's struggles and rag to riches stories always fills me with hope. It also reminds me that everyone starts from somewhere and being successful TAKES TIME and often a lot longer than you expect.

Review your progress
It is so easy to compare the present with your dreams and for most people that only leads to sadness. Sometimes looking how far you've come will help you realise that you have come too far to quit. Most people quit because they feel like they have wasted time pursuing a dream and it will not amount to anything good. No time spent on pursuing a dream is ever wasted time, you learn so much and grow on the journey to a dream and even if the outcome is not what you expected, you have gained and grown so much to your advantage. Remember you can never win the race if you give up!

Refresh your goals

 Perhaps your goals need a bit of tweaking, as your grow and evolve so will your dreams, do not be afraid to tweak some details and refresh your goals. Break them into little chunks and reward yourself after completing each stage.

Restore your faith in yourself

Re-program your thinking and remember all the great things about yourself. You got to where you are now by resilience, strength and courage. Everyone has strengths and weakness - by focusing on your strengths and working mentally and physically to grow in them you restore faith in yourself. If you are struggling to do that, grab coffee with your most encouraging friend and they'll remind you of all the good in you and how awesome you are.

The Israelites made it to their promised land, well just two out of thousands from the generation that left Egypt. They didn't make it because they were simply the best or the strongest or the bravest, they made it because they never gave up, most importantly they did not let the time spent in the desert put a damper on their hopes and they NEVER STOPPED BELIEVING.

Have a lovely weekend you guys


  1. I felt like this a few years ago and made the decision to move back to Nigeria.

    Erm, I'm getting this feeling again - mostly because I'm working at a job that I don't particularly enjoy, and while the pay is okay, I could be doing so much better.

    Sometimes though, we stay stuck because we become familiar with our surroundings and fear what will happen when we make a move.

  2. Very true Berry about staying stuck cos we become familiar. Perhaps we feel stuck cos humans were created to grow and lack of growth leads to the feeling stuck...xx

  3. Of course I nominated you for another Liebster (even if you didn't do the first one)


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