Friday 24 May 2013


Lately, I have having terrible snack attacks especially at night. I feel like I am possessed by a snack monster that wants to consume everything and NO I am not pregnant or anything like that.  I read that it could be caused by;
  • Hormones around that time of the month
  •  Increase in cardiovascular exercise ( Most likely cause for me)
  • Not eating enough during the day  (quite possible)
  • Yoyo dieting and  highly restictive diets
  • Pregnancy  ... and all sorts.

 So I decided to find some healthy alternatives to my crazy cravings because the carrot hummus thing does not always work.  Here are my top 10 healthy snacks all under 100calories I use to satisfy my cravings and keep the food monster happy.

  1. Rice Cakes and a THIN layer of Nutella. According to, 1 tablespoon of Nutella is 100calories, there are 3 teaspoons in a table spoon so one teaspoon of nutella on 2 Kallo Low Fat Rice Cakes(30 cals per rice cake) is amazingly 93 calories.

  1.  One square of Lindt Dark Chocolate 48 Calories cool huh?!  1 block of most Lindt dark chocolates are around the 48-55 calories and are my favourite when the chocolate cravings hit me. I usually have them with  some decaf coffee to annihilate the craving completely.

  2. Blueberry icecream/smoothie-  This is so easy, Freeze half a cup of blueberries(39 cals) overnight, blend with half a cup of unsweetened almond milk(20 cals) and  a teaspoon of stevia. Seriously guys this is so yummy and it tastes like ice cream.  Total calorie count  59 calories!

  3. Muller chocolate dessert- This new muller light desserts are the latest  from muller and so yummy and with 99 calories per pot  they are certainly a guilt free treat.

  4. Wheyhey- This is my favourite Protein ice-cream made from whey isolates, low calorie, it is sugar free without any of the nasties and super healthy with no weird after taste . Great post workout and as it is high in protein. Guys this is ridiculously tasty and is sold at most health food stores or online. 
  5. Air popped corn- This fiber rich snack is healthy, filling and will satisfy a salty crunchy craving. Just pop some plain corn in a glass bowl, cover it  and put it in the microwave till it stops popping then sprinkle some salt  and in my case chilli and voila! 2 cups of popped corn is 68 calories! If you wanna tickle your taste buds sprinkle some lemon juice and thank me later.

  6. Low Cal Hot Chocolate- For a warm comforting drink,  replace milk with  almond or soy milk in and add some PLAIN cocoa powder instead of a hot cocoa mix  and sweeten with either stevia or xylitol. This will hit the spot believe me.
  7. Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges- These are perfect if you are craving something cheesy and with 35 calories a pop and can have 2 and not feel guilty. It is also yummy on a ryvita or rye bread.
  8. Sugar free Jello- If you a jello lover, sugar free jello tastes like the real thing but with very little calories and it  will satisfy a sweet craving. 60 Calories wow!
  9. Get some NUTS. I have been know to leave a trail of nuts after of my snack attacks in the wee hours of the morning. Not all nuts are created equal the healthiest nuts are Almonds and Pistachios. Limit them to 8 almonds a pop and around 15 for pistachios. Any more than that you are in a danger zone.
 So guys hope you find the this list helpful and please let me know what you eat to satisfy your Crazy Cravings

Love and Peace xoxo


  1. :(

    I wish there was a Nigerian version of this list

    1. I could do one...getting the nutrition values are not that easy but it is not impossible.

  2. I agree with Berry, it would be great to have a Nigerian version :)

  3. Nice list will try the blueberry,Ps one tablespoon is 2 teaspoons


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