Monday 22 October 2012


About 3 months ago I started  Jamie Eason's live fit 12 Week program and it was great. You spend the first 4 weeks putting on muscles then the next 4 cutting(burning fat) and the final 4 weeks conditioning. I enjoyed the workout and was seeing good results but I ended up quiting on day 50 (I know so close). I hate quitting but life took over, I could not keep up with working out for 2hrs 5 days a week. I also felt very exhausted after some session and felt like passing out. I wanted to be fit, keep my weight stable without killing time and myself in the gym.
slacking off exercise

 I learnt something amazing in the last stage of this program, and that is how to supercharge your workout so  that you don't need to have a gym membership or spend too much time working out. You can have a great workout for 30mins and continue burning calories throughout the day.

The SECRET is HIIT(High Intensity Interval training) which is doing short bursts of intense cardiovascular exercises and alternating with a short rest. Studies have shown that you burn more fat during and after your workout by doing HIIT. You can do this walking/jogging and Sprinting, or Cycling but my  favourite method  is with a jump rope, I know I wrote about it in my 'skinny tricks' blog post but it is so amazing I have to say it again. I  have used  a jump rope in and out of the gym to reduce my cardio workout time, to tone my legs, kill my flabby arms and define my shoulders and it really worked!

Convinced? If you are, make skipping part of your weekly workout and  let me me know how you find it.

You can buy a Skipping Rope at any Sports shop or online, they now have digital Skipping Ropes that record the number of skips you do, time and the number of calories you burn pretty cool huh.
 Here is an example of it.

 Digital Skipping Rope £9.95 


While surfing the net I found this video of  Kim Strother and how she uses the jump rope in her workouts.