Friday 21 September 2012

9 Fun/Lazy Things to do This Weekend

Hey guys! what are you doing this weekend, No Plans? Well, check these ideas that will guarantee you a great weekend alone or with company.

1, Have a lie-in and  a big breakfast on a Saturday Morning. I love nothing more than a big fry-up with some magazines.

2, Ring up a friend for an impromptu catch up over tea, food or beer!

3, Go for a walk with your camera or a photo-walk off the beaten path and take photos of things that get your attention.

4, Bake a cake/cupcakes or cook along to your favourite TV chef  and impress your friends at a dinner party.

5, Get a Box set DVD and watch back to back episodes of your favourite series.(WARNING this could wipe out your entire weekend!).

6,Chill out with a really good book and some wine.

7,Give yourself a mani/pedi, facial or something to make you feel pampered.

8, Get your hands dirty with some DIY or crafts. Perfect time to start knitting that scarf, sewing, painting or any crafts you like.

9, Go for a run, walk, cycle or any exercise you enjoy as they produce endorphins that boost your mood.

 The bottom line is do what you Love
 It is your day off after all and it is very precious so  

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