Friday 10 February 2012

Valentine's day gifts 2012

Are you stuck on what to get your loved one this Valentine's day?
You want to give him/her a thoughtful present that they would love?
Do you want to avoid general cliches and score some major points?

How about adding a homemade present to what you want to give are probably thinking  you are not a 'diy' person, you don't want to come of cheap (everyone hates a cheap skate) and it will take forever to sort something out and you just don't the time and energy. I feel you!

But please allow me to correct the myth that homemade is cheap. Homemade presents allow you to have more control of the budget. Take for instance a customised comic book/strip as shown in the video below, it is free to make but if you want to print it or make a book the cost  goes up or a chocolate basket could cost anything from £15 to £50 or more depending on the size. Homemade/DIY gives you control of your budget and that is not always cheap.

In a recent poll by MSN Money 34%(highest) said that they believed their partner would appreciate a homemade presents. Since I started giving homemade present I've received great feedback so I put together my top 3 homemade presents for all occasions and they are all easy to make.

Note: some people prefer if you add a homemade gift to a  store-bought present

 Enjoy the video

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