Monday, 1 June 2015


Hello friends did you miss me? Ha I thought as much. Can't believe it has been about 2 months since my last post, I guess I just needed sometime off to deal with some health issues. I am happy to say I am fine, very well, healthy and have been given an all clear from the docs phew!!

This recent health scare has not only not given me a new lease of life but has made me a whole lot more conscious about taking care of my health and making decisions/lifestyle changes for sustainable long term results  rather than short term aesthetic goals. I believe this will influence Anemistyle blog in a very positive way.

Anyways you might have heard of this Dove did a campaign where they invited women of all ages to a building and in front of the entrance they had the signs 'Beautiful' and 'Average'. The women had to choose a door and very sadly most women chose average. A lady interviewed said we are constantly bombarded with unrealistic beauty that we don't know what is beautiful any more.

With the rise of Instagram, facebook and most social media platforms unattainable beauty is at your finger tips. The truth is that most of this #Iwokeuplikethis or #whatieatinaday are all lies, the pictures have been filtered the shots of abs were taken first thing in the morning after the biggest wee and only lasts till breakfast. Actually do you know that for the average person to have visible abs you have to be dehydrated like crazy?!?

The strive for perfection is tiring especially when it is not real. I just want to encourage you today and tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are, and the body parts you are paranoid about add character to your body and no one notices it anyways.

Wishing you a fab month and a wonderful summer!



  1. Ah, thank God you're fine and well. We do have to take care of ourselves - there is no perfect body or face, so striving to reach those ideals are really like trying to hold smoke in your hands.

    Much love to ya!


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