Friday, 6 February 2015


Hey guys, hope you are having a good week and a fantastic month. All through January, I have been telling everyone around me that February was going to be a good month for me I even hashgtagged it #FavourFilledFebruary, pretty bold huh!?!? Anyhoo this might be hard for some to believe but from the last week of January I started having incredible favour and I will be sharing some of them later in the post.

I believe favour is from God, it is neither luck nor karma but an empowerment from God for grace and success. Proverbs 22:1 says favour is better than silver and gold. Favour is available to everyone and not just a special few and following these principles below can help you walk in favour.

    ASK FOR FAVOUR- Let me start by saying it is not greedy or carnal to ask for favour as some Christians might think. Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:9-11 shamelessly asked for blessings(favour) from God, he didn't just ask for blessings but that God would keep him from trouble and pain.  This was the perfect time for God to send in the leading prophet of the day, imagine Samuel, Jeremiah or Habakuk knocking on Jabez's door saying "Thus saith the Lord, thou O Jabez art a greedy man! How dare you asketh for blessings and no trouble and pain in this evil generation of yours. Thou shalt be stricken with the disease of the Egyptians"! Nah... the next verse 10 says "And God granted him his request". If you want favour or blessing just ask and no you will not be stricken with the disease of the Egyptians.

EXPECT - This is so important because you can have a favour filled experience and miss it if you are not expecting anything good to happen. Have you met one of those 'Debbie downers' that are soooo pessimistic and always complaining about everything? When was the last time something amazing happened to them? Being expectant does not mean you should become this carefree, 'walking on sunshine' optimist with your head in the clouds because quite frankly 'ish' happens and life has a way of knocking you off that sunshine! Instead being expectant is being real, seeing the good in situations and expecting more of that good in your life. Your expectation is not from people but from God.

SPEAK FAVOUR OVER YOUR LIFE- Personally, I believe this is the most important point because   what you say affects your life in many ways. Proverbs 18:20-21 talks about your life being filled with the 'fruit of your mouth' or in today's speak 'your words. It also says life and death are in the power of your tongue. Have you noticed that the more you say you are tired, the more tired you feel. If you want to have favour in your life say I am blessed and highly favoured everyday and please please please don't undo it by saying 'why don't I ever catch a break' or 'why do bad things always happen' to me or any other favour killing quotes you have in your repertoire. 

Side bar:  Single Ladies please stop saying there are no good guys around, that is a favour killing statement, the more you say it, the more it becomes your reality and truth!

 I saw this Maya Angelo quote and I was really inspired. You want to be blessed and highly favoured right? When was the last time you did something amazing for someone?  Being kind will bring you extra kindness, smiling wins more friends than frowning.  Favour and blessings usually come through people; Luke 6:12  in the King James says Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. The part about men giving to you is often skipped in-fact many translations remove it entirely.Wouldn't it be fab if God would rain £100 from the sky, the reality is that God works through people like you and I. Be open to doing something amazing for someone for no absolute reason.

SHARE YOUR FAVOUR: When you start walking in favour be a blessing by sharing (not bragging) your testimonies to encourage others to believe and expect. You have no idea how much hope your little story can give. 
So my #FFF (Favour filled February) stories as promised earlier. I won a hamper from a vegan challenge, I am a huge snacker so this was a huge treat and unexpected. 
I went to the hair dressers for a £6 treatment( with a voucher) and left with a trip to London, hung out with leaders in the hairdressing world, Anne Veck (google her) walks up to me and says don't touch your hair anymore anything you want to do come see me! Free hair treatments till further notice, and most importantly I got the chance sit with her over carrot cake and chat about life as a leading female entrepreneur, raising a family, fitness and many more random stuff . We are practically besties ha!

It did not end there, I have been working on a business on the down low for a while and if you have started a business you probably understand how difficult it can be sometimes. I received the most amazing encouragement and from a young female entrepreneur. This favour got me jumping on my bed...( I went all Tom Cruise!). Anyhoo guess who my other new bestie is?  Yes Cassandra Stavrou the CEO of Propercorn whoop whoop! Yes Cass wrote to me about my business saying I should give her a shout if I need feedback or advice. Now to some people this might be nothing but if you are working on an app and the CEO of Apple Tim Cook writes to you how would you feel? Well that is how I felt.

It is just the first week in Feb and I am so excited about what else this favour filled month would bring. I have been praying for people around me and for this favour to spread and can't wait to hear testimonies of favour, will keep you guys posted. 

Have a great weekend and a Favour Filled February


  1. Such an inspiring post , love the maya angelou quote. Have a fabulous February .


  2. #FavourFilledFebruary, I like it a lot! Halfway through the month but it isn't too late to key into this.
    Congratulations, so many great things seem to have happened to you already!
    Free hair treatments sounds perfect, I'm curious to know what your business is.

    1. Favour filled Feb is exciting, yes please key into it and share your stories I love a good testimony. Ha my business is still in the works and unwraps but watch this space...the blog will hear about it first. Thanks for your lovely comment. x


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