Monday, 5 January 2015


Happy New Year everyone and hope you had a wonderful 2014.

Did you make a New Year's resolution last year? How did you get on with it? If you are like most people it started out really good but by April you forgot you even made a resolution. If New Year's resolutions don't work, what does? I believe that making a resolution at the beginning of a new year shows peoples desire to grow and to be better versions of themselves. But if we desire to change, grow and improve ourselves, why do we give up after the first few weeks?

I believe real change and growth does not come easy and takes time, I also believe that nothing supernatural happens on the first of January that empowers you to do something that you did not or could not do last year. Making declarations of changes or resolutions will not bring about the changes we desire and over time, I have learnt that taking strategic actions with desired goals in mind is key to achieving your goals.

So in practical terms what do you need to do?

(1) Write down your GOALS for the year or a Vision List- Be goal oriented, let your goals decide the changes you want to make.  That way you are going on a journey with a destination and if you get lost and weary, people can help you better when they know what direction you are heading.

(2) Write down LITTLE changes that can help you get there- Baby steps is key to making changes, you are more likely struggle if you
do something drastic. So if your goal is to lose some weight this year a little change could be to have one snack free day a week. Its a small change but when you see the results you will be encouraged to continue and even increase your snack free days.

(3) Be DILIGENT- A simple definition of diligence is 'constant and earnest in effort and application; attentive and persistent is doing something'. Diligence is key to achieving your goals, it encompasses being disciplined which is something most people struggle with in different areas of their lives. Being disciplined is doing something when you don't feel like it simply put.

(4) Be PATIENT- A new habit takes 21 days so give yourself time to get there.

(5)  PERSEVERE- If you fall get up and try again, with most lifestyle changes sometimes you will feel like you failed but feeling like you have failed does not mean you have. Ignore those voices and try again the as end result is all that matters and the important thing is that you achieve your goal.

Hope you find this helpful. Do you have any tips that have worked for you in the past? Please share so we can help each other be better and grow.


Nemi xx


  1. Happy New Year lady! Those are great points - 5 though, not 4 like the title says.

    For some people, making their goals more public helps them so that they're held accountable.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Ha thanks for letting me know. Fixed it! x

  2. I agree with Berry, I made my goals public last year by writing them on my blog and it sort of gingered me to achieve as many as I could. I've put them up this year too and I plan to do a quarter year review.


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