Friday, 12 September 2014


Hello everyone can you believe it is Friday already?! This week is seriously flying by and hope you are having a good week.

I am very excited about today's interview and the first of my inspirational women series.

 Kate is a Church of England priest by profession and loves delivering her sermons in Manolos! 

She is a beast by Crossfit standards and a superwoman by human standards.

She is fluent in multiple languages including French, Czech(yes really) and comfortable in mandarin. 

She is beautiful, loves fashion and has awesome bargaining tips up her sleeves like how to get a Prada gold platform wedges in Liberty’s for £20!

 Most importantly she is a confident woman that loves God, passionate about reaching the lost and real change in the Anglican Church. (Oh and she is super funny, like seriously 'guy' funny).

I find Kate very inspirational and her passion for life and confidence is literally contagious. Since hanging out with her I have consciously tried to confidently embrace the woman God has created me to be. I am a better shopper and try to find the humour in everyday life.

Hope you looooove this interview as much as I do; check it out.

Tell us about yourself
I grew up in Hampshire with some time in the USA. I’ve been in ministry for 10 years now, ordained for 5.

Why did you get ordained?
I was working for a church in Peckham, originally only for a year, and I realised a few things. I loved the church and felt passionately that I wanted to serve the church. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. This was a bit of a surprise to me as I had always said that being a vicar, along with being a primary school teacher, were the two jobs I would never do!

Why Crossfit?
A friend introduced me to CrossFit while I was a minister at another church in London. I enjoy the competitive edge, the unpredictability of the workouts as well as the more technical aspects of training- especially Olympic lifting and gymnastics.

 What the health/fitness benefits have you experienced since taking up cross-fit? 
I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be- I have a 125kg deadlift, a 90kg squat, can clean and jerk my body weight… I feel all around better when I am training- I sleep better, I can concentrate better and it’s a great way to discipline myself to take time out. I also really believe that it is part of my discipleship to look after the gift of my health which God has given me. I can’t take that for granted and as part of my gratitude to God for it, I should take care of myself!

How do you stay motivated?
I find training fun! Well, most of the time. When you enjoy doing something that is motivation enough.

 What are some of the best bargains you have received?
£20 Prada gold platform wedges in Liberty’s, £6 Ralph Lauren tailored trousers, £60 Valentino cocktail dress… there’s so many to choose from!

 What are your top bargain hunting tips?
1. Don’t go hunting for something specific- bargains don’t work that way!
2. Don’t buy anything unless you absolutely love it. If it’s clothing, when you try it on it MUST fit and it MUST make you smile. 
3. Don’t be frightened to put back that £20 Dolce and Gabbana skirt if it doesn’t fit those criteria.
4. Get on every mailing list you can to find the sample sales. Most aren’t generally publicised. BUT some are in small adverts in the Metro or Evening Standard.
5. Learn to do minor repairs on clothes well- that way you can tell whether the flaw in an item is worth fixing or not. 
6.Negotiate the price on these things shamelessly- you’ll be surprised what you can get!

 How do you stay true to yourself:
Have confidence that you are who you are for a reason! Don’t try to second guess what other people want from you or what might please them. At the same time, be aware of where your shortcomings are- being yourself doesn’t mean accepting with resignation the parts of yourself which are negative. A friend once told me that the closer we follow Christ the more truly ourselves we become. I think that’s the best advice I could ever give!

Advice to 18 year old me:

If you were not a priest what would be?
I think I watched too much Spooks and as a result would quite like to be a spy. Ros Myers in a slightly less emotionally damaged form!

 What is your Superhero Name and special powers
I would be able to fly. Maybe a name like Kzaarr. I think that would look good in comic book script! I’d definitely have a cape, definitely have AWESOME boots, but my knickers would be on the inside…!

Hope you enjoyed the interview and have a great weekend 
Love Nemi x


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! This was a fun read!

    I need her to take me bargain shopping!

  2. lol! "dump that boy" just killed me! Nemi u shud have gotten Kate to share a few websites thatn alert people on bargains, flash sales, auctions etc! Plssss! xxxx

    1. I think she told me she joins lots of mailing lists of brands she likes x


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